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joylent / soylent / macdonalds / science food thread

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I dunno how some ppl "don't have time" to cook when some of us have time to go to work, take care of kids, cook for whole family, exercise and still have time to lie on front of PC for a while every day. Of course, no time for naps but there's also never problems of getting sleep.

It's more like "prefer to not use the time for cooking" rather than not having time. We have jobs, we come back home and have few hours for ourselves, those become less hours with cooking. Many times I am like "Oh no, it's too late, I have to sleep. No more gaming/coding/relaxing, another 8 hours tomorrow". So, that's why I couldn't go regularly to the gym or cook and that healthy stuff, I have to sacrifice this time. Then my free time starts at 7-8 and not 6pm.

prepping 15 mins, then wait 2 hours

I am kinda newbie with cooking and I am afraid I might mess up. I can let the pot burn and go in the other room to do other things, then I have in my back of the head that it's cooking and I shouldn't let it too much. So, yeah I could put an alarm, but somehow I have my mind on the food that is cooking, it distracts me from coding on my PC or doing other things. And then you have to clean the pot and the dishes, although I do this rarely since I am living alone.
added on the 2015-01-15 16:13:40 by Optimonk Optimonk
I have a friend who hates dish washing. So his solution is that he just eats in plastic dishes that he later throws away. Maybe bad for the environment, but whatever..
added on the 2015-01-15 16:15:14 by Optimonk Optimonk
you should start with one-pan recipes cos a) they dont make much mess, b) you just cut shit up and throw it all together in one pan so they don't require chef-like talent and c) they usually require just boiling till everything is cooked (stews, soups, etc) so you cannot really burn stuff thanks to the liquids and it wouldn't be bad if you boiled it longer than required, some veggies may just can become mushy but still not as disgusting as the gloopy soylent crap. takes you 5 minutes to cut the shit up... 10 to 20 minutes for all shit to boil. 5 minutes to clean shit up and if you do that in big quantities you can eat 2-3 days from it so enough time left to level up in world of warcraft.
Go make a dinner about it.
added on the 2015-01-15 16:49:43 by Gargaj Gargaj
alternatively if your office has a canteen with DECENT meals, just swap lunch and dinner around and eat dinner there and have a light zero-effort lunch at home. though, personally i found this schedule hard as it requires some discipline to avoid midnight snacking cravings ;)
yeah exactly. And a stir-fry you can literally make in 15 minutes. Take some good veggies (heck, you can even buy a bag of precut veggies) some chicken and some noodles, fry it up in a wok for 15 minutes and boom, meal made. When your done immediately wash all the stuff you used and all sorted!

Seriously, it's hard to fuck it up and experimenting is part of the fun!

Is that 15/30 minutes on your computer really that important to not take care of your basic needs properly?
added on the 2015-01-15 16:52:05 by okkie okkie
I am kinda newbie with cooking and I am afraid I might mess up. I can let the pot burn and go in the other room to do other things, then I have in my back of the head that it's cooking and I shouldn't let it too much.

I'm starting to think this whole thread is just an elaborate metaphor for demo coding.
added on the 2015-01-15 16:52:14 by Gargaj Gargaj
Apparently it is :)

Quite fun to see people complaining about 15/30 minutes dedicated to food preparation once you have a child. Talking about a time burner ;)
added on the 2015-01-15 16:55:46 by Rob Rob
so better send your child to a boarding school pronto, so you have more time for world of warcraft!

I'm starting to think this whole thread is just an elaborate metaphor for demo coding.

Just make a nice cooking tool, then you don't have to slice all the ingredients by hand. Get a saucier if you're shit at sauces. Avoid trying to make the perfect chili, instead serve meals that are less than perfect - cooking is for the fun and you learn something each time. Try to be okay with being less recognized than famous cooking groups like Tristarfruit & Red Scallops Inc., even if your menu is better.

But if you really want to, you can of course release a menu made with soylent at a cooking party. To be honest, I think you can always tell from the taste if a meal has been made with soylent. It's just not the same. But still, write it on the beamslide so I can thumb it down. I personally think soylent meals should go to the wild compo.
added on the 2015-01-15 18:14:40 by cupe cupe
*golf clap*
added on the 2015-01-15 18:21:01 by okkie okkie
But I thought Blender was free software?!
Wow the response to soylent I've seen over the last two days (and I've been following it with curiosity for almost 1.5 years now, but they still don't ship here) has been vitriolic to say the least. For some reason people just shrug if someone eats at mcdonalds for years exclusively (that'd be me, and yeah it's because I'm a lazy fuck on top of being extremely picky in what I eat - if I find something that doesn't make me want to spit it out immediately I stick with it, I actually welcome the predictability which people call boring), but as soon as they look into something that's a bit more unusual to fix their situation everyone suddenly knows better. What the hell. Is it the yuck factor of consuming something that doesn't look like real food? I have no idea, but it's puzzling.

Anyway, when I first heard about soylent I asked a dietitian friend if this is something viable and her instant reaction was "but we've had stuff like this for ages, just designed for a much lower consumer age. All the baby nutrition stuff is essentially this, so yeah, designed for the needs of an adult I see no issues with it."
added on the 2015-01-15 20:02:23 by BoyC BoyC
You should eat whatever makes you happy, obviously.

But the baby food doesn't really compare. I have a six month old daughter and we rotate between fresh veggies every day. And even if you would use the premade baby food I still hope you would rotate between different veggies and taste. You would not give them the same shit everyday.

If soylent makes you happy and healthy you should eat it of course :)

I was mostly annoyed by "dietary" advise like NO GLUTEN! LOTS OF CHOLESTROL!
added on the 2015-01-15 20:13:49 by Rob Rob
BB Image
added on the 2015-01-15 20:49:28 by ham ham
well... mice get depressed from eating soylent all day... chewing is good as a physical and mental activity :)
It's easy to not get bored with soylent, just add various flavored alcohols to it.
Can pouet still hate it then???
added on the 2015-01-15 21:42:09 by shuffle2 shuffle2
added on the 2015-01-15 21:43:28 by Gargaj Gargaj
Go make a dinner about it.

Garg is winning. Topkek!


These are just from the first page of my imgur faves (minus the b00bs!).
Srsly - if you can code helloworld in any language you can chop with a knife and move stuff around in a pan over heat - it's not fucking asm programming ffs! ;P
added on the 2015-01-15 23:24:48 by ringofyre ringofyre


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