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@party 2015

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The next @party will take place June 19-22 2015.

We will be bringing Brian Peiris, a developer from Toronto who has been working on a livecoding framework for the Oculus Rift called RiftSketch, to Boston, with support from Google.

More news, and more speakers, to come, as well as an update on our 2014 videos.
added on the 2014-12-03 17:51:59 by metoikos metoikos
Your first post says 22nd, but the Eventbrite page says 21st and the website says 21st. Is that just a typo here then?

I've blocked it off on my work calendar and I'm going to try to go, hopefully this year I'll actually make it. As long as it doesn't shift by a weekend again ...
19-21; 7pm Friday to 12pm Sunday. Although nothing much happens Sunday, it's just "come back, pick up any gear you left, let's all go to lunch"
added on the 2015-02-17 23:52:34 by metoikos metoikos
added on the 2015-02-21 21:54:46 by blackpawn blackpawn
remote entry and stream ;)
added on the 2015-02-22 10:31:20 by jok jok
I would really like to get room and flights, but everywhere I look has different dates. I will assume Eventbrite and the last dates in this thread have the most correct information (evening 19th - noon 21st). The last "2015 Dates" related post on the official page says 19-22. The dates in the sidebar of that same page are 20-21. Those are both incorrect, I'm seeing.
added on the 2015-05-11 20:38:41 by andr00 andr00
Andr00: 20-21. The website sidebar has been right for a while, but the other things needed to be corrected. Thanks. Now they're right.

Things have been a bit crazed over here, and we weren't able to get the hall for Friday, so although we have infrastructure in place and some great speakers lined up, that came at the expense of website updates. Thanks. (:
added on the 2015-05-11 20:59:32 by metoikos metoikos
this also reminds me that I should do a pizza poll.
added on the 2015-05-11 21:11:18 by metoikos metoikos
Jesus, I need to attend one of these @party at least once in my life.
2015 is too short, 2016 will probably not be possible.
In 2017 maybe, if all indicators are green?
added on the 2015-05-11 23:44:37 by fra fra
fra: we never promise for any more than one year into the future, and cannot yet promise for 2016. We're not getting any younger (:

So you might want to plan for 2016.
added on the 2015-05-12 07:35:36 by metoikos metoikos
@metoikos yup I can imagine that.
I'll be happy to chat at the Outline, anyway :)
added on the 2015-05-12 11:29:52 by fra fra
bump. any news of a definitive schedule! The event is 3 weeks away! :D
added on the 2015-05-29 03:46:36 by Czery Czery
The party is Saturday, June 20. All speakers and compos are that day. Sunday is cleanup and lunch at a restaurant nearby. There will likely be a room reserved at a local pub for Friday night. Sat we get out late, so we just go wherever is still open.

Looking forward to seeing you all!
added on the 2015-05-29 12:25:22 by metoikos metoikos
Sweet, this should be a good time.
added on the 2015-05-29 19:24:17 by orby orby
Must try to schedule an East Coast holiday around the time of year when @party is on, hopefully in the near future. Good luck with the party - hope it all goes well :)
added on the 2015-05-30 23:46:20 by Felice Felice
added on the 2015-05-31 10:39:30 by wbc\\bz7 wbc\\bz7
Don't hold your breath. I'm working on some routines but I don't think I'll get them together in time with music. Plus nothing as stupid/funny as last time. :)
added on the 2015-05-31 20:34:23 by phoenix phoenix
phoenix, ookay :)
added on the 2015-06-01 17:54:41 by wbc\\bz7 wbc\\bz7

Join us for a drink Friday night before the party at 8pm at Cambridge Brewing Company! (this is on the schedule but worth emphasizing)
added on the 2015-06-03 14:20:40 by metoikos metoikos
second link works. sigh. This is not my day, sorry.
added on the 2015-06-03 15:01:18 by metoikos metoikos
New speaker! New sponsor! Thank you to the Khronos Group


Looking forward to seeing some of you in person and on IRC at the party. Livestream as usual.
added on the 2015-06-16 21:14:25 by metoikos metoikos
That's cool. Wish I could be there. :)


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