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a -t- rendering system by Cream [web]

Hi there,

here's a little program, all you purists should have a look at.
It's something, that definately does not amuse us (Abyss, Candyman and
Tao) at all. And we still don't know how to handle this situation.

It was on a Cream-Meeting last week at A.-t-'s home, when we had some
creative moments working on 'heftig', which is really hard for us to
finish in these summer-days.  We had a break and A.-t- went for some
Cigarettes, while we were exploring his HD to find some unused gfx and
found this little tool.

He always admitted to use render-tools to create gfx for menus, titles
or pics as long as he doesn't have show his skills. That was okay for
us, as long the results were satisfying. But he alwas denied that he
uses such tools when he should draw instead. 

The discussions about his methods to create the '...do things.' - gfx
didn't affect our attitude on his skills, but now we're somehow confused.

We'll have another meeting soon to decide how or if we're able to
continue our work together as 'Cream' in the way we did until now.

But have a look and judge by yourself.....
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