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skumle planer by Purple [web]


                        Skumle Planer - delicious version

                                   by Purple


 At last, Purple is able to present to you the final version of Skumle Planer,
 the winner of Summer Encounter '95 in Denmark. This release features several
 improvements over the party version. For instance, it is more stable, runs
 smoother, has better music/effect timing... basically, it's what the
 original was SUPPOSED to be.

 We're not saying that this is bugfree, but we've attempted to correct all
 problems that we noticed in the first release. If you, contrary to
 expectation, should encounter difficulties while running the demo, try
 creating a clean system enviroment - do a clean boot. Also, starting
 up with only himem.sys could do the trick. And if that doesn't work...
 well, we're sorry, then.
 For background info and comments on Summer Encounter '95, read Contrast #3.


                                 Contrast #3:

 The third issue of Contrast is currently in development, and we're looking
 for articles. If you'd like to contribute with rumors, news, reviews,
 previews, comments, jokes, stories, pictures, music - or whatever you can
 come up with, contact us right away. We'd also like you to send in votes
 for our chart. This can be done in two ways:

 1) You fill out the vote.txt included with this release and send it to
    mystical@inet.uni-c.dk, purple@diku.dk or snail mail it to Last Nerve
    (address listed on line 106 of this text).

 2) You can call any of our distribution sites. These will carry a special
    on-line vote-system. Just fill out the blanks, and the rest will be taken
    care of. Note: This system has not yet been implemented on all our
    distribution sites. If you discover that one of the boards does not have
    the on-line voting system, fill out vote.txt and send it to the sysop.


                                 Contrast #3:

                            The Contrast Division

 Purple has formed a special division, the Contrast Division, which is a
 group of people working on our diskmag, Contrast. We've got thirteen
 members at the moment, but we're looking for more. So if you're interested,
 drop us a line at one of the addresses listed below (preferably e-mail).

 If you join the Contrast Divison, you get the chance to take part in creating
 and shaping Contrast. And you'll be informed of the latest developments and
 changes in Contrast as the mag being created. This is done through a
 newsletter which will be distributed to you.

 As a member of Purple's Contrast Division, your task will be to get
 articles, music and graphics for the mag. You can make these yourself, but
 we'd also like you to encourage other people to contribute to the mag.

 For more info, mail

 Internet:               mystical@inet.uni-c.dk
 Fido    :               2:236/536, Henrik Thygesen
 CMNet   :               10:450/100.16


How To Contact Us:

- Mystical - Musician
  Asbjoern Andersen
  Baekkelundsvej 47       <--- Voice of the singing goldfish, editor of the
  8240 Risskov                 Contrast Division..


- Harmless - Guldfisk

  *moved!*                <--- Swapping...

- Vipa - Coder
  Peder Herborg
  Romerparken 28          <--- Coding and stuff.
  6000 Kolding

- rBecue - Coder
  Henrik Thygesen
  Nederskovvej 21         <--- Skilled in coding, as well as harvesting...
  4340 T0ll0se

- Guru Vomoui - Guldfisk
  Thorsten 0rts
                          <--- Get insulted by an occult techno dark deep
  *moved!*                     moony Guldfisk.

- Last Nerve - Diskmag Dictator
  Troels Rasmussen
  Lindevej 4              <--- All your snail mail contributions to Contrast
  Joerlunde                    should go this way.
  3550 Slangerup



                  Purple distribution sites around the globe:
- Belgium:
                Velvet Demosite BBS
                14.4k v.32bis
                Sysop: Sleeping Dog

- Canada:
                Overflow        - Purple CHQ
                14k4 v.32bis
                Sysop: Populus

                Lost Horizons
                14.4k v.32bis
                Sysop: The Crow

- Denmark:
                GLUD BBS
                +45 75683971
                14k4 v.32
                Sysop: Jesper Bagh

                Paradize 9009
                +45 48475694 28k8, v.fast
                +45 48475695 14k4, v.32
                Sysop: Rene Rasmussen

                Solid Cruise     - Purple WHQ!
                +45 47382777
                28k8 v.34

                Stairway to Heaven
                +45 74726303
                +45 74720056
                28k8, v. 34
                Sysop: Bionic
- Finland:
                Psychotron      -  Purple FIHQ
                28k8 v.34
                Sysop: Psycho

                Sysop: Quark
- France:
                Dune             - Purple FRHQ
                28.8 V34
                Sysop: Bisounours
- Germany:
                The Hideout

                Molekewl BBS
- Netherlands:
                14.4k v.32bis
                Sysop: Delany

                Supreme Court
                +31-(0)1650-51850 - 14k4
                +31-(0)1650-67577 - 28k8
- South Africa:
                Shock Wave
                14k4, v.32
                Sysop: Rancid
- USA:
                Quality Control
                14.4k v.32bis

If you want to become a dist. site for our productions, or if you
discover that some of the info above is incorrect, contact Mystical
(by E-mail, phone or mail).

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