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tcc'93 report by Extreme & Septic

         - The Official Party Report From The Computer CrossRoad '93 -

          This is a cooperation between Extreme(PC) and Septic(Amiga).
  We made the same report on both computers so that more people can enjoy it!

                                  - History -

This idea came up at the party when I spoke to Leinad/Avalanche. He told me
that he had a digitizer at home and it would be nice to make something to
remember from the party. I was lucky coz I had brought my camera,
so I was able to take some hefty pictures. So I started to photograph the
surroundings. After a while I handed over the camera to Hades/Septic and he
took some more piccys. When I was home again, I ran to the mailbox and
posted the photos, waited, and after a few dayz they arrived. Diz was gr8!
Ok, I told myself, let's digitize... Unfortunally(?) the school ended and
as we live in, what I call it, the country it wasn't the easiest to get to
Leinad, since there are NO buses or trains around. Anyhow, after about a week,
I finally managed to get those pictures digitized. (BIG thanx to Leinad)
Now a lot of converting had to be done and after that I sent the pictures to
Vicious/Septic so he could start coding the Amiga Version (he had to hurry,
coz he would take a trip to Italy) and we said that he would code and
write all texts and then I just convert it to a PC version. That worked just
fine and now you have the result at yar HD (or disc).

                                - Requirements -

This production is quite different from what we use to do... This takes alot
of discspace! Well, that's ofcoz becoz of the pictures that are impossible
to pack very much. It also needs alot of base memory (about 600kb) as we
still haven't bothered learning protected mode (sigh)...

You need:

 * A computer (386 or better)
 * Fully register compatible VGA card (I use a tweaked mode 376*282 just to
   show the digitized pictures in 320*200 and still have place for the writer.)
 * About 600kb of base memory, Don't use QEMM or something like that!
 * About 2Mb of HDspace

You can use:

 * SoundPlayer in LPT1 or LPT2
 * SoundBlaster
 * SoundBlaster PRO

Sorry all Gravis Ultrasound owners, but I haven't got any GUS myself, so
I cannot support it yet, but it will come!
I'm currently rewriting my modplayer from scratch and in this report I use
a betaversion of that one. That's why I don't support SB+LPT1 as usual.
That's also the reason why we use the UGLY setup. I'm going to make a nicer
one later, but right now I hurried to finish a working player.
(I REALLY hope it works coz I haven't bugtested it much)

                                  - Rumours -

I've heard rumours from several people that we don't have an own modplayer,
and that makes me very disappointed, coz I've spent many hours coding it...
The first release, Wargasm, used Goldplay bcoz I hadn't made the player at
that time. Our latest issue of pulse (3) also used Goldplay only because
Moleql didn't got my player to work correcly (he had an old version...)

                                  - Apology -

Even if Fear doesn't want to apologize TRITON for the things he wrote in
Pulse, I would like to do that, bcoz he was just upset and misunderstood
someone concerning the deadlines. I think he is sorry for that too, but
we haven't spoke to eachother about it, and now he's gone for a holiday...

                                    - Info -

Here are the specifications for the report (Unpacked).

SourceCode        : 13752 bytes, 1641 lines
Module            : 222792 bytes
Digitized pictures: 1554672 bytes
Other pictures    : 323845 bytes
TextFile          : 3979 bytes

                                  - Contact -

Call or write to:

Bondstorps W„rdshus
S-562 91 M†nsarp

Voice: +46(0)393-40012 (Between 10:00 and 00:00 CET)
Fax:   +46(0)393-40248 Always

/Baldric 2:47 - 25/6

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