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sv22we_invite by PPS

idea + code:   PPs
music:         Buddy

A small invitation for "Sillyventure 2022 winter edition", held up between
December 8th and 11th, 2022 in Gdansk. All infos will flush up at:


Based on the great sv22se logo by mOOnie, I adapted it to a8 and then made
the sv22we logo out of this conversation. Used tool for this was g2f by TeBe.
For the sprites I used great web tools by Bocianu. The RMT music is played
back with lzss code based on routines by dmsc. All assembling works are done
using WUDSN IDE by JAC! and thus used MADS Assembler by TeBe. Thanks for all
your work, folks!
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