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PharMaSX by ThePetsMode [web]



    , . · ´ T P M ` · . ,

- T h e   P e t s   M o d e -

....be a pet
....pets' power from scene groups

Released at Evoke 2022 
                           August 5th


Demo for MSX 1 with at least 16ks RAM.

Music : JosSs

Code & Gfx  : JamQue

This Demo was assembled for MSX computers with asMSX.
More info about asMSX: https://github.com/Fubukimaru/asMSX

Gfx created with:
Photoshop and a C++ custom tool to convert to LEDs. 

Music created with: Vortex Tracker II v1.0 beta 19 from S.V.Bulba
More info about Vortex Tracker: http://bulba.untergrund.net/

Greets and thx: duhowpi, Aorante, AAMSX, Digital Sound System, DeSiRe,
RamonB5, RaHoW, Nenefran, Merry, Floppine, RGBA, Collapse,
Software Failure, Coolphat,Unexpected Bytes, Amigawave, #Demoscena,
R2PRadio, Capulse, Batman Group, Hoffman, Jeenio, Nusan, Netpoet, PS
Dojoe, DFox, all Revision adn Evoke Staff. We love you! <3

In 2019 some scene people asked themselves what kind of work can do a Demoscener ?
Cinema Visual Effects, Concerts Visuals, VJ at a Disco,...
in a Pharmacy. WHAT?!

Enjoy this MSX demo that shows your possible future working in a Pharmacy.
Flow with chiptune blips!
The lowest resolution demo that ThePetsMode has done for MSX. 24 x 24 pixels in 4 colors .

Enjoy It!
Take 4 red capsules. In 10 minutes take 2 more.
Help is on the way.

website : www.thepetsmode.com

"PIMBA!" (Johan)
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