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metro by yugecin

//// metro

my first demo prod, made in about 3 weeks
requires at least OpenGL 4.3
uses Crinkler and 4klang - this would be a lousy way-more-bytes without them <3

It's kinda rough and very much rushed, fuckings to
my postponing monkey brain, but I really wanted to
release something this party. I tried going for 4k
first, but that line was crossed soon and I didn't
have much more time to try to make it fit, so this
will be an 8k instead, real size about 6500 bytes.

Also I don't know shit about music, but the audio
I ended up with defeats my expectations, so I'm
glad about that. Many thanks to 4klang again, I
only really used the sample instruments that are
distributed with it, with veeeery minor tweaks.

I'd add more greetings in the prod, but one has
to stop somewhere (also time's up).

Also fuckings to cancelled flights, but I made it :D

//// files

	runs fullscreen at 1920x720

	runs fullscreen at 1280x720

	runs windowed at 1280x720. If the shader compilation info log is not
	empty, it will show that info in a messagebox and exit the process.

//// additional thanks

Flopine & evvvvil
	for the seminar about shader coding given at Revision 2019

	for releasing the source of their demo "chocolux",
	showing me the basics of how to do this kind of thing

	for releasing "Demo-Framework-4k",
	also showing me the basics of how to do this kind of thing

	for all the SDF articles on their website

	testing and providing motivation <3

.. I'm sure I'm missing someone

//// extra greetings

awildbrysen, Wieku, Sunpy, Luken, MrRheinerZufall

//// <3

much love to Dark Valley orgateam

//// possible blog post

I might or might not post some WIP content on my blog. There really nothing to
mention from a technical standpoint, I'm sure the way this demo works is the
same way people have been using in their demos for years. So I can just write
how I got going with my first demo release and showing WIP stuff and showing
the horrible frankenprograms I made to facilitate making this demo.


//// eof

- yugecin
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