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Shuffling Around the Christmas Tree by Desire [web]

Shuffling Around the Christmas Tree by Desire

An interactive HAM puzzle slideshow with artwork by Terry Redlin.

Fixed version released after Syntax Party 2021.

Move the mouse left and right to move the arrow around in clockwise (right)
or anti-clockwise direction (left). Pressing the LMB will push the column
or row in the indicated direction, using the RMB will move it in the
opposite direction.

After a short display time of the image, the parts are shuffled around
with increasing difficulty. Try to restore the image!

If you want to abort this evil shuffling, just push any row around
once before the shuffling starts.

Waiting 15 seconds without shuffling will load the next picture.

MC68000, OCS, 512 KB Chip.
Should work on accelerated Amigas, too. \o/
Will boot and load from external floppies (Kick 2.04 minimum). 
Less than half the disk is actually used.
Should also work on AGA.

1 MB RAM is required to run it from harddisk.

Run "Shuffling-HD.exe" and keep the ADF in the same directory.

When started from HD, demo can be exited using *both* mouse buttons
at any time.

Terry Redlin - original paintings
Platon42 - coding, framework, tools
mAZE - music
Hammerfist - fonts and logo
Kangajoe - additional drawing

Kalms/TBL - subpixel-accurate linedrawing code
Leonard/Oxygene - LightSpeedPlayer, LZ4 decruncher
Axis/Oxyron & Photon/Scoopex - original framework this was based on
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