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Head or Tail Oneliner by Logiker

Head Or Tail BASIC OneLiner 

Author:   Logiker / VCC
System:   C64

Code:     Logiker
Graphics: Logiker
Idea:     Logiker


The game "head or tail" implemented within one line of BASIC code, including
PETSCII graphics, colors, etc.

How to play

You can chose head or tail by pressing 1 or 2. The computer will "toss the coin" 
and if you guessed correctly, you have won. Otherwise you lost.
After pressing any key you can play again.


If there was no PETSCII graphics, no colors for border, background and chars, 
no checks about the input and so forth the program would have been much shorter.
The command IF had to be avoided as it doesn't offer the possibility to use 
ELSE. Especially not in the same line.
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