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gyere kislány, gyere! a diszkó klubban szól már a zene! by Kuemmel [web]


 'gyere kislány, gyere! a diszkó klubban szól már a zene!'

 a 250 byte intro by Kuemmel for Function 2021

 some borrowed shader/kali fractal ideas resulting in a
 hopefully recognizable empty dancefloor in fake 3d with
 a pretty light show;-)
 - runs on FreeDOS
 - needs high spec CPU with SSE level 4.1
 - uses a resolution of 640x480x32Bit
 - assembles with Flat Assembler
 - fractal repeats after about a minute or so

 intro title by tomcatabaddon when I asked about a fun
 idea for an empty disco dancefloor in hungarian language.
 It translates to "come on little girl, come on!
 the music is already playing in the disco club!" and
 comes from a classic hungarian pop song

 Greetings to sensenstahl,hellmood,gentlemen,t$,bartman,
 dojoe,saga musix,kaomau,exoticorn and all the tiny intro
                     :    ,$
                     %  dS'
                     $   "s,
                     ;      *,_   ,

        e-mail: michael.kuebel@googlemail.com 
        web...: www.mikusite.de
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