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Ninja Torappu by Cerebral Vortex [web]

*  -------------------------------------------------------  *
*  ------------------- NINJA TORRAPU ---------------------  *
*  --Falcon030 Enhanced version FOR SILLYVENTURE 2020/21--  *
*                                                           *
*              Original Game by Dave Jones                  *
*                                                           *
*        Conversion from scratch by CEREBRAL VORTEX         *
*                     Code: Templeton                       *
*            Adaptation and new GFX: Templeton              *
*           Adaptation MUSIC/FX: Templeton/Xerus            *
*            Technical Support Falcon030: Xerus             *
*                                                           *
*    IKBD interface library by Paradize/Patrice Mandin      *
*   PC1 decompressor library by Paradize/Cerebral Vortex    *
*   DSP MPEG Audio Layer 2 player by NoCrew/T.Berndtsson    *
*   Wrapper DSP MPEG 2 Pure C by Orion_/Thadoss/Templeton   *
*                                                           *
*               REQUIREMENT FOR FINAL VERSION               *
*                        -----------                        *
*            MEGA_ST/1040_STe/MEGA_STe/Falcon030            *
* Works with older ST-machines if Blitter chip is installed *
*        The game runs on a Floppy Disk or Hard Disk        *
*                        FEATURES                           *
*                        --------                           *
*             - Full VBL (50FPS) without slowdown           *
*             - Smooth Parallaxe vertical scrolling         *
*             - Highscore saving                            *
*             - Work with VGA Monitor or RGB TV/Monitor     *
*                                                           *
*                       GAMEPLAY                            *
*                       --------                            *
*           -  Left & Right Arrow Keys/Pad/Joy  -           *
*           -      Move Hoshi Left & Right      -           *
*                                                           *
*    -            Down Arrow Key/Pad/Joy               -    *
*    - Drop through the platform Hoshi is standing on. -    *
*                                                           *
*                       CONTROLS                            *
*                       --------                            *
*                                                           *
*                       JOYSTICK:                           *
*                     Left = Run Left                       *
*                     Right= Run Right                      *
*                     Down = Drop through the platform      *
*      To start the game, press FIRE on the joystick.       *
*                                                           *
*                       KEYBOARD:                           *
*                  Cursor Left = Run Left                   *
*                  Cursor Right = Run Right                 *
*                  Cursor Down = Drop through the platform  *
*         To start the game, press Space or Return          *
*                                                           *
*                    JAG_PAD/FALCON_PAD:                    *
*                  Left = Run Left                          *
*                  Right= Run Right                         *
*                  Down = Drop through the platform         *
*            To start the game, press FIRE A/B/C            *
*                                                           *
*                        OPTIONS                            *
*                       ---------                           *
*                                                           *
*        On Screen Presentation Menu Ninja Torrapu          *
*               F1 = OVERSCAN ON *                          *
*               F2 = OVERSCAN OFF *                         *
*               F3 = 50 HZ *                                *
*               F4 = 60 HZ *                                *
*               * Only RGB Monitor                          *
*                                                           *
*                                                           *
*  -------------------------------------------------------  *


Ninja Trap (Torappu) 
An endless escape game by Dave Jones.


Dave Jones can be found and followed on Twitter @mutenmiller

The blog/homepage where this game was found is http://mutenmiller.tumblr.com/

Theoretically, if this ever changes then updated info should be found in those spots anyway.

The music was created by Rolemusic, who you can find at http://rolemusic.sawsquarenoise.com/


Hoshi has travelled far and wide in search of the Undying Emperor’s fabled Gemerald. It is said the Clan that holds the Gemerald would have untold power for all eternity. Yet, no one has survived an attempt to claim it...

After several winters, Hoshi now stands before the ancient tower said to hold his prize. Beyond the lanterns, the torii & the statues it rests, surging with ancient energies. Why was the tower so open? Why was it sitting in plain sight? And why has no-one taken it? Hoshi ponders this as he reaches for the stone.

It was too late. The trap was sprung. The door was sealed, as was his fate. The tower would claim Hoshi - that much was certain. Only one question remained – how long could he outrun death itself?


Left & Right Arrow Keys - Move Hoshi Left & Right

Down Arrow Key - Drop through the platform Hoshi is standing on. Space or 'X' can also be used to do this.

Enter - Select options, skip the intro and other screens, pause the game.

Escape - Drain lives. Keep tapping to quit.

'R' Key - Hold down on the High Score screen to reset scores to default.


Ninja trap is a silly game about twitch reflexes, pixel perfect platforming and sheer dumb luck. It is the result of my attempt at combining Mario, Spelunky & Danmaku (or 'bullet hell') style games. All wrapped up with an original Game Boy flavour.

You'll start the game with 7 lives, and gain a bonus life for every 7 coins you collect. You can control Hoshi with the arrow keys. Left and Right for normal movement, while the down arrow key drops you through the platform you're currently standing on. You can also use the Space Bar or 'X' key to drop through platforms. And that's it! Use these three keys to avoid the various types of randomly generated death that the tower will throw at you. The game is fast & cruel, yet generous with lives. See how far you can get!

Additionally you can use the Enter key to pause the game, as well as skip through some of the opening guff and the 'intro' stage when you want to dive right into the game proper. In game, the Escape key will drain your lives if you want to quit but still enter a High Score. Speaking of high scores, holding the 'R' key on the High Score Screen for a few seconds will reset the rankings back to the defaults.

If you want to view the current scores just let the game idle on the Title Screen for a few seconds. It'll happen, I promise.

Finally, If you want to use a joypad or something then I'm afraid you'll have to use Joy2Key or something like that. I'm sorry.


I made this game mostly by myself in Multimedia Fusion 2. The music was provided by the wonderfully talented Rolemusic, who has composed a number of fantastic retro tunes that he provides under a CC license. Thanks! Additionally I used SFXR to create the sound effects, except for a couple, which were found on Rhythm Lab's website.

A big thanks to Ben Hickling & Chris Nimmo for testing the game and helping to make it better! You can find those dudes @BenHickling and @nimmochris on Twitter.

I hope you like this dumb little game I made for fun. Tell your friends about it, etc etc. And most importantly, thanks for playing!

Ok, that's it. Thanks! Go on, shoo!
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