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ZeroVsNoPs by ElectricGiraffe

ZeroVsNoPs - ElectricGiraffe (@party 2021)

impakt here bringing you another Vulkan production at @party 2021!
This one is mostly compo-filler... but it's written in Rust this time, and does rasterization with compute shaders so that's fun right?
I dug up an old song I wrote years ago for this one, sorry about the drums!

Please forgive any flickering triangles, I still have some issues to work out with this new tech. ;)

Thanks to GustyGreenGrapes for some helpful logging code!

Also, the title is technically a lie because there's a small graphics-based copy shader that copies the final image to the swapchain... I'll be sure to fix that in my next release!

impakt - code, sync, music
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