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Run DEMO.EXE. It should run on just about any 286 or above with more than
500K system RAM available. Please copy onto harddisk before use. The files
DEMO.EXE, DEMOPART.000, 001 and 002 should be located in the same directory.
Requires VGA!!!!

                O - H , so you just thought this was
                a pretty thin and skinny demo, but
                hey - we built it i 8 hrs just for
                making the raytraced animation appear
                to be stuffed inside a 'demo'... haha
                Ain't I a stinker.... Well, um, maybe
                I'll c ya som'where then. Bye... :-)=

                                        Now, that's really it.

                                Sonny of... well, who cares.
                Sunday, june 28 1992


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