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Zwemband 2 by Infuse Project [web]

Zwemband 2 (C) Copyright 1998 Infuse Project

Disclaimer: If this thing trashes your computer it's not our fault! But, if
this thing should wreak havoc on your hardware, please contact us so we can
all have a good laugh.

Rights: This thing is freeware. This means that you are not allowed to sell
this thing to anyone unless you pay us at least 15% of your profits.

Personal Greetings:
TSD: Thanx for all your help!
Anomaly: Thanx for driving my hardware to the partyplace!
Riplin, Xoror, Skylla, Sonic, Onix: Party on!
The Bitripper, Diablo: And where were you? :)

Sentinel/Infuse Project
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