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Amstrad ASCII Exporter by Logiker

Amstrad ASCII Exporter

The Amstrad ASCII Exporter is a set of files like scripts, machine code, configuration files and similar. It is an addon for the Playscii editor (http://vectorpoem.com/playscii/). Using the Amstrad ASCII Exporter you can create Amstrad ASCII art for the Amstrad CPC series. Each mode and every character is supported. The tool creates a bin file that can be directly used on an emulator like Caprice Forever. Alternatively you can put it on a dsk image file or transfer it to a real Amstrad CPC computer.

1) Install Playscii by extracting it into a folder.
2) Copy all directories from this package (the directories charsets, formats and palettes) into the same folder as Playscii. (The file cpc.png will be overwritten.)
3) Run Playscii.

Code:    Logiker
Support: DeadSystem, emptyfortress

Thanks go to DeadSystem and emptyfortress for their initial steps in coding.
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