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Same Old Song by Dekadence [web]



             Same Old Song  
           4k intro for DOS

Code, Music....................Britelite


This intro was developed on an XT
equipped with a 9.5MHz V20 CPU, and will
hopefully also work on a 8088 or better
clocked at the same frequency or higher.

Fast VGA card is definitely also
recommended, even if on an 8bit ISA bus.

SN76489 player defaults to port 0c0
Alternative ports can be given as a 
three hex digit parameter.
Example: sameold 2c0

In DOSBox config use "tandy=on" in audio


This production can be distibuted freely
in it's unmodified binary form, with all
the following files included:
- sameold.com
- sameold.txt

This production may NOT be distributed
in video form without our explicit 

Contact us at dekadencedemo@gmail.com
BEFORE making your video capture public,
or we will issue a takedown.

Permission for distributing video
capture granted to:
- Revision Demoparty Organizing

Video capture available at:

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