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No Signal by 10K productions

|    "No Signal - Crash 97 Demo Version"                    |
|      Copyright(C) 1997 10k/Tenk Productions               |
|       - First Presented at Crash 97                       |
|          Calgary, Alberta, Canada                         |
|          on 8/24/97                                       |

    All the rights for all 10k/Tenk Productions' products including the
    NO SIGNAL demo belong to 10K/Tenk Productions. Commercial use of this
    product is strictly prohibited. This product may be distributed freely
    at all FTP sites, BBSes etc. as long as no money is charged for it.
    If you want to put this demo on CD-ROM you MUST get our written
    permission and send us a free copy of the CD-ROM. 

    We can not be held responsible for any damage any of our productions
    may cause to your computer or to any data stored in your computer.

   Code: Shinobu, Fisherman, Joe
   LaKEE/Craw Productions for "Binary Angel" graphic
   Mikmod sound system
   Gaffer's Prometheus Truecolor
   PHAZE music
   Sp'ange for his award-winning multichannel "Goddamn!" sample.

For additional GREETS and CREDITS watch the demo and read TENK.NFO.

Hardware Requirements:

   - Pentium
   - 12 megs RAM
   - Sound Blaster or Gravis Ultrasound
   - 4 megs hard drive space

   - Pentium 166 or faster

Software Requirements:

   No Signal uses hicolor video modes that require the use of Univbe 5.3+ for
   optimum performance.  It can be downloaded on the net or at the 10k web
   site at http://10k.org/  Also look for screen shots of our next demo there.


Technical info:

  This demo runs internally at 320x200x32 bit color and so please run the
  it using this mode if possible.  Otherwise, if you have a fast machine
  you can run at a higher res 32 bit mode.  Try 24 or 16 bit modes if you
  can't run in either of these modes.  Thanks to Gaffer for his hicolor
  system. Unzip this demo using the -d option.  Look for a better file
  system (JFF) in our next demo called "Demon Child".  

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