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24h Clock by Xenon

*** 24h Clock ***

A 256 Byte Commodore 64 intro by Thundax/Xenon

Released @ Lovebyte 2021



Run the program by entering:   SYS 6510

After running the program asks you to enter the current time in HH MM SS format.

The clock doesn't use the TOD-clock of the C64. It uses the 50Hz PAL-frames a second instead.
Because the signal isn't 50Hz exactly but 50.12Hz, it means that the clock would run about 3.5 minutes ahead for every 24 hours.
The program has a fix in it which resolves the issue for the biggest part: Every 400 frames, one dummy frame is added (400*50.12=400.96).
This means that the clock runs only about 8 seconds behind now for every 24 hours.

Btw, when using your computer during running a program in your C64-emulator, it may cause the emulator to freeze a couple of frames now and then.
In that case the clock can run some seconds behind after a while.
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