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Move! by Top Crew [web]

               HI !!!

Just some important notes :

 * If the sound doesn't work correctly, COPY THE DEMO INTO YOUR ROOT
   DIRECTORY, reboot your computer and IMMEDIATELY start it again
   without running other programs first. (Often it works after this
   procedure - but why?)
 * To skip the sound query, type "MOVE! -" for no sound or "MOVE! +"
   for yes sound.
 * Another well known reason for system-crashs is Microsoft Windows.
   To cure your system, format your hard disks and boot with a clean,
   write-protected system disk.
 * On and after the first of July 1993, our addresses will change :

   Toni Nemec              Jan Valter
   Taunusring 28           Karlsbaderstrasse 14
   D-63755 Alzenau         D-63538 Grosskrotzenburg

   FidoNet 2:244/6252.5

 * So long...

          *** TOP CREW ***

 * P.S.: Sorry for the bugs; next time we'll do better.
 * P.P.S.: CT-VOICE sucks...
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