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quartet by All You Can Execute

"Quartet" by All You Can Execute


Code by ISSOtm
Gfx by Doctor
Music by DevEd
Additional gfx by ISSOtm

YEE we back babe!

Dalton/Tulou released a really neat game at the beginning of 2021, and it was just 32k
Naturally, it had to be cracked! Staying below 32k, obv
There was about 9k of ROM remaining, which should've been plenty
And then we started adding SGB data, oh boooy
There were only ~30 bytes left for the compressed text, so had to slash greets :(
Here are those who didn't make the cut:
- Fairlight
- Dual Crew Shining
- Capital
- Booze Design

"I like when cracktro takes 1/3 of ROM space"
Intro is enhanced on all platforms (even DMG), especially SGB
Yes, there are a few gfx oddities, but we seriously have ZERO free space
And this is after compressing everything!

Tools used (in no particular order):
~ Creation
Aseprite (drawing pixels) https://github.com/aseprite/aseprite
mgbdis (RE-ing the game) https://github.com/mattcurrie/mgbdis
Carillon (music) https://gbdev.gg8.se/files/musictools/Aleksi%20Eeben/Carillon%20Editor.zip
~ Building
RGBDS assembler https://github.com/gbdev/rgbds
SuperFamiconv https://github.com/optiroc/superfamiconv
RNC compressor (reusing base game's decompressor) https://github.com/lab313ru/rnc_propack_source
~ Emulators
BGB https://bgb.bircd.org
Mesen-S https://www.mesen.ca/snes/docs
bsnes-plus https://github.com/devinacker/bsnes-plus

Source code available at https://github.com/ISSOtm/quartet-intro

ALL YOU CAN EXECUTE (AYCE) is: zlew(pl)/tfx(us)/doctor(us)/yuki(nl)/midorimzn(pl)/deved(us)/issotm(fr)
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