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PONG Charged by SandS [web]

PONG Charged is two-player game designed by Manwe/SandS

Started as a demonstration of upcoming JoyVox hardware
(2 NES gamepads adapter plus stereo Covox) in February
2019. Finished for DiHalt game competition in Jan 2021.

Default keyboard settings:
     W - move up
     S - move down
Ctrl+W - accelerated move up
Ctrl+S - accelerated move down
 Space - power hit
 Clear - pause

Game features:
- 10 levels with different A.I. algorithms for computer rival
- BK 0010 VSync tweaking for smooth tearing-free animation
- Built-in speaker, Covox and stereo Covox support
- 3-channel Covox tune for those who can beat computer
- Controls redefine for keyboard and non-standard joysticks
- Demo mode runs after a short time of inactivity
- Works fine on real BK 0010, BK 0011M and emulators
- More than 2000 lines of well documented assembler code

- Ivanq for PDPy11 cross-assembler: github.com/imachug/PDPy11
- Gid for emulator with built-in debugger: gid.pdp-11.ru
- Sandro for MacOS emulator: sandro.pdp-11.ru
- Tarh for JoyVox development: hardware.thesands.ru
- DiHalt team for demoparty organization: dihalt.org.ru
- Excess Team for motivation

- My demoscene friends
- Retro gaming community
- GBX.ru friends and GBX party organizers
- CAFe, Chaos Constructions, Demodulation party organizers
- Pouet.net and zx-pk.ru communities
- DEC PDP-11 lovers around the world

Alexander Matchugovsky
aka Manwe from the SandS and Strogino Programming Company.

Telegram channel for BK and PDP-11 lovers: t.me/bk0010_11m
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