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bakkslide 7 (win32) by Hellcore [web] & Omnicolour [web]

b a k k s l i d e 7

This is Windows port of "bakkslide7":
software rendered black & white realtime audio-visual demonstration 
in less than 64kb.

Originally released at TakeOver'99 in Holland, took 1st place there.

This version contains few improvements over the original version and sligthly 
exceeds the 64kb size, still being rather small though (94kb). The improvements 
are mostly additional bits in stored data.

	          code & design : mrock (Marcin Rociek)
        music & design & lyrics : yez (Bartek Idzi)
graphics (the 'bakkslide' logo) : spk (Wojtek Idzi)

                         player : MiniFMOD 1.6
			          by Firelight Multimedia
          direct draw interface : TinyPTC 0.8
			          by Gaffer
   		         packer : UPX 1.21w
                                  by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar

(c) 1999, 2003 Marcin Rociek, Bartek Idzi, Wojtek Idzi 
               www.rociek.com www.omnicolourstation.art.pl
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