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Melange by kibosh [web]

 melange, a sixtyfour kilobyte intro for distance 2k-1, by kibosh

 here's a intro, like i promised. it isn't that good but that's because
 i had to write a awfull lot of code within 20 hours. i hope everybody
 likes it a bit tough.

 plek: programming, design
 sweeper: graphics
 seventwenty: graphics
 forcer: graphics
 distance: music

 thanks to mrock / hellcore for the nice font

 system requirements,

 pentium 166 (pentium 200)
 16mb xms memory
 vesa 2.0 compliant video hardware
 a gravis ultrasound for music

 note: this intro runs in a 512*384 mode, wich is supported by the most
 popular video hardware out there. the highest possible colour depth is
 automatically detected and initialized. the intro always renders in 32-bit
 so a video mode with a lower colour depth requires conversion, wich ofcourse
 takes time. certainly if you have a slower system like a pentium 166, make
 sure to load the scitech display doctor so you are sure that your computer
 supports a 32-bit mode, wich saves processor time for the intro and results
 in smoother animation.

 that's it.

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