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loaderbar by Fake [web]

What ?
This is the fake entry for the 0a000h textmode Demo Competiton.

How ?
Just create a directory and untar the contents of the distribution archive to it.
(I assume you already did this.)
Now startup your favourite shell in a resolution of at 80x25.
(320x240 yields the best optical results, but you can watch in any mode.)
Now simply time "./engine" and off we go.
If you experience any problems please refer to the FAQ section at the end of this document.

I guess I feel asleep somewhere while coding.
And you'll just see the intro and extro.
Everybit of code was done live,
after some weirdos ;) started doing a textmode entry in pascal.


This is unfinished. But I'm too tired to move on.
Gonna catch some sleep.
I hope I'm back before the deadline ....

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