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Katarzis by Vaahtera

released at Function 2020
made with Apex

gfx and direction by metoikos / vaahtera
music by gargaj
tool code by boyc
extra sfx code by musk

metoikos says:
I've thrown out two demos worth of content over four years
trying to make this thing.
It still has technical hangnails all over. 
I received advice from an experienced person to just set a 
deadline and finish it, so I did. 
This meant I asked for the exe too late to fix emergent things other than crashes. 
I was unsure about releasing, 
but I asked for advice as to whether I should release it and was told, yes. 
So I did. 

Special thanks to Chaos, Alkama, and Alia, who helped me find a new path, 
bite my lip, and finish this. 

In 2012, I made a mistake that has cast a shadow over my life ever since, and always will.
It wasn't the only one, but it was the gravest one. 
I was so scared I tried to pretend it hadn't happened.
I used up the patience offered me since with mistakes time and time again. 
I remember every mistake. 
I'm now much mentally healthier than I was back then.
But learn from my gravest mistake.
Don't in a moment of self-hate push away those who try to soothe your hurts.
You will miss them forever. 


Niemand erwartet mich auf meiner Reise
Ich suche mein wahres Ich
Niemand erwartet mich auf meiner Reise
Es sei denn, du wagst den Schritt
Und begleitest mich ein Stueck
- Erwartungen

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