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The Final Bonfire by Furry Trash Group [web]


It's time for the final Solskogen, and is there any greater ways of saying goodbye than with a huge bonfire?
So yes, in 4k, The Pilose One from the Furry Trash Group presents a fullscreen neverending bonfire in only 4k,
on the Tiki-100. Bring your sausages and marshmallows as we sit down in front of the fire and remember all the
good memories.

Note: This demo requires a cable between the graphics ports and the parallel port, in order to get interrupt on
vertical and horizontal sync. Without this mod nothing will move.

Vertical sync is separated from the composite sync using a standard RC filter, made by using a capacitor in series
followed by a resistor in parallel to ground (the resistor being on the side of the parallel-port IO pin).
It's also important that the Vertical sync gets to bit 0 of PIO port A and Horizontal (or composite) sync gets to
bit 0 of PIO port B.

In case of format, this is a CP/M type .com excecutable. Put it on a disk and run on a system. You should be
able to see the visuals on a stock system, but you need the mentioned sync-hacks to get effects on it.

Name...... The Last Bonfire
Release... Solskogen 2020
Group..... Furry Trash Group
Class..... 4k intro, Oldschool
System.... Tiki-100
Duration.. Forever!
Size...... 4096 bytes

Extra Special Greetings:

   *  Blueberry and Madram for the Shrinkler implementation and Z80 unpacker
   *  Neon, for the emulator and helpfull tips


   *  Darklite
   *  Offence
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