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X-Mas '93 by Proxima

                ProXima wishes to all of you, Merry Christmas!!!  

This is our way of saying merry Christmas.. The intro is out quite late, 
but i hope it will get to as many as possible before Christmas. The school 
ended today, and i just made the intro ready.. Ok, here are the credits..

 Da Vinssi And Black Hole

 Black Hole


Music Routines
 Codeblasters GoldPlay

And now, for a complete list of our members..

 Verne/15/Aleksi Saari
 Black Hole/14/Vilho Ahola
 Duke/15/Jussi Salovaara
 Separator/14/Antti Akonniemi
 Mastermind/14/MArko Linturi

Nemesis/14/Pekka Holma
DaVinssi/12/Miika Ahola

Rasputin/?/Tommi Olanne
Alpha/?/Mikko Paasivirta

Most of the coders also do GFX, i, Black Hole do some ANSi stuff, and Separator 
is the sysop of Fort Mitchell, our WHQ. 358-0-8782086. 1200-34800.

And now some info to the sysop's that  read this..

If you have a BBS and you would like it to be our distro site, contact us.
We demand a few things..
*All the demos and other PX stuff must be free DL.
*If you dont have E-mail you must call once in two months to Mitchell to
 DL the newest prods and to hear about them. If you have E-mail, i will 
 keep you informed.

We are searching mainly BBS:s in Europe. 

Heres the current list of our dist. sites:

BBS              |Sysop           | Located        | Number
Fort Mitchell    |Separator       | Vantaa,Finland | 358-0-8782086                                       
Digital Oxygene  |Chris Thompsett | Dallas,Texas   | 1+214-414-5041

  Ok, heres how to contact us..
  E-mail: vilho.ahola@mpoli.fi
  Fidonet: Vilho Ahola
  BBS: Fort Mitchell 358-0-8782086
  Vilho Ahola 2:220/941
  Raappavuorenrinne 2 K 97
  01620 Vantaa

That's it for now...CYA! And oh.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  Black Hole / ProXima

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