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Virtual Access BBS (3) by Antares

	              AnTaReZ DV *-* Important Information

	Well , After a long period of Silent, We Are Back With ThiZ Nice
	Little Intro Made For Our New DiSTro : Virtual Access BBS.
	ThiZ Intro REQUIRE A Least A 386 And (of course) A VGA Card. 
	SoundBlaster/SB PRO/DAC/Covox Are Supported. 

	The Credits For ThiZ Intro :

	Main C0ding & GFX  : Access ( Me )
	MuZak              : WonderBoy
	D-Zign             : Access / Kaneda 
	áeta Testing  : Cobra ( Antares WHQ SysOp ) , Bert & David ( VA SysOps )

	The SoundReplay System Is Goldplay V 1.0 ( The C0deBlaster ).

	I wish to say that the idea for thiZ Intro are NOT New but the
	C0ding IS.  The Intro Has Been C0ded Using Turbo Pascal & Tasm.

	Some Technicals Informations
	The StarField At The Beginning Feature First 500 And Next 2000 Dots. 

	On Most Machine, Choose 16.000 Hz For The ReplayRate. On Slow System
	Like 386SX, Better Turning Music Off. 
	WARNING! The GoldPlay Internal Speaker Handler Fuck Up On Slow
	System !  Better NOT Trying Coz' On Some System, The CMOS CAN
	Be Corrupted !     The Solution : Buy a SB :)

	The Intro Has Been Tested On A Wide Range Of System ( 386Sx,386DX,
	486SLC,486DLC,486SX ) Without Problem. If The System Fuck Up , the 
	reason is probaly a Memory Management Problem. Try Booting On A 
	Clean Boot Disk ( Note : 484 Ko Is Enought For Running With Sound,
	Without Sound Only 256 Ko Is Needed ).  Never Forget Than EMS
	Memory Manager like EMM386,QEMM,BLUEMAX,386-TO-THE-MAX Slow Down
	Drasticaly the System.

	For Those Who Want To Contact Us.....

	There Is 3 Solutions :

	1)Write To Our Po Box             PO BOX 24
	   			          7301 Hornu

	2)Call One Of Our DiStro Or Our WHQ :

	Ultimat BBS ( AnTaReZ DV WHQ ) - +32-02-375.56.51 - 24/7 - 14.400

	Virtual Access ( AnTaReZ DV DiStSite ) - +32-69-45.51.77 - 24/7 
	-> 2 RingDown Nodes <-
	3) Use Electronic NetWork Like Fidonet

	At ThiZ Moment , I'm the Only One To Have NEtWork Access But Kaneda
	Will Support this soon And White Tiger Will Be Responsible Of Our
	InterNet Support ( C00l , Isn't It ? :)

	So .... Access  -*-  2:293/2802.7@fidonet.org

	Well, That's All !  See you In Our Next Production !

[ ACCESS / January 94 ]
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