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MonaST by KÜA software productions & Newline

An Atari ST 256 byte conversion of Mona https://demozoo.org/productions/107973/
(File size is 256 bytes code + 32 bytes header)
Maximum respect to Ilmenit for the original.

Code: ggn/KšA Software Productions
No music at all: XiA
No help at all: tIn/Newline (That's a bald-faced lie!)

Written in under 2 days in 28-29 May 2020.

Run it on any Atari (Mega)ST/STE/TT/Falcon with any memory configuration.
Verified to run in the following resolutions:
- ST Low
- ST Med
- TT Low
- TT Med

We don't like size coding.

This was fun.

(we might be bipolar)

This demo has a certified Newton rating of "refused to even look at the screen"
(for more info on Newton rating look at other 2020 Atari ST releases and
party result files)
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