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Liquid Dreams by Quantum

Liquid Dreams Helpfile - Release 1.0 (first release)                  2/10/94

This demo is Freeware and may be distributed freely as long as none of the
applcation is altered in any way, and less than ú2 is charged for the sale
from Pd libraries.

This demo should run okay on all 2 or 4meg machines with any type of
processor, except the Risc PC which may suffer timing problems due to the
high frequency modes (sorry - theres not a lot we can do about this at the
mo, but we may release an updated version soon). If you experience any probs
running the demo, please get in touch and we'll sort them out (see the end of
this file for contact addresses).

Last minute addition - if you have an Arm2 read the extra screen at the
start, detailing probs on slow machines (i.e. get a processor upgrade or
get the demo upgrade in a few weeks).

Production of the Demo

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this demo without which it
would not have been possible. I've tried to give a credit for every bit and
byte used but it's difficult to keep track of so many demo parts.

I have to give a mention to Exel for his great contibutions to the
production. I'm mainly talking about the constant hassle he gave me every day
for a whole year, that (sometimes) kept me working on the demo and prevented
it from dragging on uncompleted for ages (ahem). Oh, and he wrote quite a few
of the algorithms and did some of the code as well. And of course he also
filled up 99% of the disk with his music (and we left out one mod as well!).

On the deeply technical side, I have to thank Phoenix for his endless
knowledge on the operating system and his ability to know the answer when I
came up with one those obscure and unsolvable questions. I also thought his
music player was a bit good as well. Stephen's work in testing and modifying
my nightmare code was invaluable and, lets face it, damn good.

Cheers to all the guys who created all the artwork for the demo, including
WolfIcon, Dudo and Drobec, Fillip and last but not least, Narc (Slider). I
put a lot of the screens together (typically spending ians getting all those
bits of text centered and sorted out palette wise) but it was the artists who
contributed the real graphical talent.

The demo is one big collaboration between all these people, and although I
wrote and put together most of the code, it was a 100% team effort. The last
2 years we've brought out a range of releases, but most importantly we've
built up a proper team. This demo is the result of that team's work.


Thanks for all the testers out there (who succeeded in destroying my
illusions that the demo was a nice compatible bit of code, (ahemm) which
was bug proof), including Andrew Clover, John Stonier and Stu, Shane and
Kevin, at Leeds.

Extra code

Thanks also to Bernard Jungen, Stuart Hickinbottom and John Kortink for their
compaction programs. Cheers to Michel Grimminck for his polygon routine.
Also, a major shout goes out to Dominic, cos this demo would not be ready by
now without Zap.

To the Future

Well, these lists of things that we're 'going' to do don't always come off,
but here's some of the things we want to do over the next year or so.

1) Cityscape2? The Cityscape seems to have been pretty popular with most of
the people who've seen the demo, but there's a lot of room for improvement.
If time allows I'd like to do a full traffic system with proper junctions, as
well as polygon based buildings to prevent everything being transparent. This
will probably be coded once I've got round to doing a proper vector system
for games (yes - there will be one out next year).

2) 242 on the Arc? 242 was a great idea, so we thought we'd blatantly rip it
off (hey, at least we're honest!). Except unlike the way most things are
ripped off the Amiga and put onto the Arc, all of it (including the vid) will
be by us, and it will be better than the original (I'm not showing off, but
if it isn't better we won't release it - simple as that).

3) Some form of vector game. A vector graphics game is definitely on the
cards for the next year or so, and may well take precedance over the last two

Well, I'd better stop there cos its looking pretty tight for getting
everything onto the disk, and I can't really pack this bit!!!

Enjoy the code.

Cobra 94

Contact me by Email at: caxpw@scs.leeds.ac.uk or quantum@digibank.demon.ac.uk

Online at the Digital Databank BBS as Cob or Quantum.

And by mail at : 7 Jervaulx Close, Boston Spa, Wetherby, W. Yorks, LS23 6RY.
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