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248b demos by 42Bastian [web]

# 248b

Why 248b? Because 248 bytes is the maximum size of an encrypted header.
So projects here will fit into the _bootsector_ of a Lynx card.

Actually, it seems 249 bytes are possible, but the ROM checks are weird, and
sometimes code must be moved/rearranged to pass it.

## Plasma 1

This is my first try of a plasma effect. Press a button for a funny side-effect.

## Plasma 2

Same function but with SUZY drawing and double x resolution.

Three bytes left, but need another two for the button check :(

## Plasma 3

Full resolution w/o SUZY plotting, but different algo using SUZY multiplication.

## Mandel

Mandelbrot set in 80x102.

## Mandel2

Mandelbrot set in 160x102. Reduced fix-point resolution to 8 bit.
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