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Gesehen, Gelacht, F8 by Strontium 90 [web]

³                                                                            ³
³                                                                            ³
³                                                                            ³
³                                                                            ³
³  ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿     ÚÄÄÄÄÄ¿       ÚÄÄÄ¿  ÚÄÄÄ¿       ÚÄÄÄ¿      ÚÄÄÄ¿   ÚÄÄÄ¿   ³
³  ³²²²²²²²Ú¿²²²ÚÄ¿²²²² ÃÙÛÛÛÛÛ  ²²²² ²²²ÚÄÄ¿²²²ÚĿܲ² ²²² ²Û² Û²²²²Û²²²³    ³
³  ÀÄÄÄ¿±²±³³±±±³ ÀÄ¿±±±³±²± ±±² ±±±±±±±±³  ³±²±³ ³²±² ±²² ²²² ²²² ± ²±±³    ³
³ ÚÄÄÄÄÙ±±±³³°±°³   ³°°°³°±° °±± ±°± °°±°À¿ ³°±°³ ³±±° °±± ±±± ±°±ÃÄ´±±°³    ³
³ ³°°°°°°°°³³°°°³   ³°°°Ã¿°°°°° °°°°Ú¿°°°°³ ³°°°³ ³°°°Ú¿°°°°°Ú¿°°°³ ³°°°³    ³
³                              ÉÄÄÄÄÄ¿                                       ³
³                              ³ ÚÄ¿ ³ ÉÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿                              ³
³                              ³ Àļ ³ ³ ÚÄÄ¿ ³                              ³
³                              ÀÄÄÄ¿ ³ ³ ÀÄļ ³                              ³
³                            ÉÄÄÄÄļ ³ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ                              ³
³                            ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ                                       ³
³                                                                            ³
³                                                                            ³
³                                                                            ³
³                                                                            ³
º   ¯ This for earning money :) ®                                            º
º                                                                            º
º At first I have to say something to all DISTRIBUTORS (wow what a word)     º
º We don't allow you to sell our products without our written permission.    º
º But...who will pay for our shit :-)) ?!?                                   º
º                                                                            º
º In addition to this we take no risk for using our programs.                º
º                                                                            º
º Phew, that's all of commercial happens.                                    º
º                                                                            º
Ý                                                                            Þ
Ý                                                                            Þ
Ý                        ò ThE StORY behInd us !!! ó                         Þ
Ý                                                                            Þ
Ý Long long ago... three people wanted to go swimming and after they were    Þ
Ý nearly drowned they went in a pub.(these guys were Nias,Zeus and Foenyx)   Þ
Ý After many many Beers (I like this part [|-) we planed to found a group    Þ
Ý called 'Digital Abacus'.                                                   Þ
Ý We wanted to write some bullshit like this. Nobody of us had seen a pro-   Þ
Ý gramming language before.                                                  Þ
Ý All this happened in early 1994.                                           Þ
Ý After watching all the great stuff from the Assembly94, they decided to    Þ
Ý make a demo by their own. That time, it happened, that they met a painter  Þ
Ý called Darkman ('working on Amiga - and still does :)                      Þ
Ý They started programming like mad :) and finally they released a dentro    Þ
Ý called 'the first' in october...                                           Þ
Ý With this big success in mind, they heard about the party4 in denmark      Þ
Ý and wanted to be present there with an own production.                     Þ
Ý Hand in hand :) with two new musicians (Irga and Leviathan) they worked on Þ
Ý their first real demo, called 'Stoerfall' - and ended short time before    Þ
Ý deadline on party4...                                                      Þ
Ý The demo was nice (for a 'first production' ;) - but buggy. Cause of some  Þ
Ý difficulties with GUS-base it wasn't shown there, sadly =( but live still  Þ
Ý went on :)                                                                 Þ
Ý Two weeks before Nexus (a horrible 'party' in Germany) Nias and Foenyx     Þ
Ý decided to put together some effects into a small intro - for competition. Þ
Ý They won the first place there - but cause of no official result-list no   Þ
Ý one got to know about, sadly =( but live still went on :)                  Þ
Ý Next target was party5 in denmark, but Foenyx joined the army and some     Þ
Ý members had to study far away from hometown and they wasn't able to        Þ
Ý finish the planed demo in time, and just an even smaller squad of ST90     Þ
Ý came to fredericia. But, for surprise, one guy managed a great pic in time.Þ
Ý Darkman released his 'Ratman' for GFX-compo and made place 39 out of 89 :) Þ
Ý 									     Þ
Ý After this, the coders were completely bored of programming in Pascal...   Þ
Ý The first alternative was trying watcomC, but Nias didn't want to learn    Þ
Ý C...and it ended up in assembler/Dos32 :)				     Þ
Ý It took just three month to code the effects for a demo - in assembler and Þ
Ý another five days to design the final release :(                           Þ 
Ý ...and live still goes on                                                  Þ
Ý                                                                            Þ
ÝCurrent Member Status (randomly)                                            Þ
Ý                                                                            Þ
Ý Foenyx     Coder    (founder)                                              Þ
Ý Zeus       Coder    (founder)                                              Þ
Ý Nias       Coder    (founder)                                              Þ
Ý Alien      Coder                                                           Þ
Ý Darkman    Gfx                                                             Þ
Ý Exxxon     Music                                                           Þ
Ý DayDreamer Music                                                           Þ
Ý IRGA       Music and Objects                                               Þ
Ý                                                                            Þ
Ý                                                                            Þ
ÝProductions                                                                 Þ
ݳName        ³Date        ³Size ZIP³Info                                  ³ Þ
ݳ The First  ³ October 94 ³ 280k   ³ preview to St”rfall (SB support)     ³ Þ
ݳ            ³            ³        ³                                      ³ Þ
ݳ St™rfall   ³ December 94³ 760k   ³ megademo for Party 4 (not in finals) ³ Þ
ݳ            ³            ³        ³ only Gus support, doesn't work with- ³ Þ
ݳ            ³            ³        ³ out Gus on 220h, no Bugfix available ³ Þ
ݳ            ³            ³        ³                                      ³ Þ
ݳ azzit      ³ May 95     ³  30k   ³ Some XM's from Leviathan (aka Alex)  ³ Þ
ݳ mindflow   ³  -"-       ³ 190k   ³ All in Trance-Acid Style             ³ Þ
ݳ synapse    ³  -"-       ³ 240k   ³                                      ³ Þ
ݳ blue exp.  ³  -"-       ³ 150k   ³                                      ³ Þ
ݳ mini       ³  -"-       ³  98k   ³                                      ³ Þ
ݳ            ³            ³        ³                                      ³ Þ
ݳ Donuts     ³ May 95     ³ 40k    ³ Intro for Nexus (b„hhh), first place ³ Þ
ݳ            ³            ³        ³ in Introcompo                        ³ Þ
ݳ            ³            ³        ³                                      ³ Þ
ݳ Return to  ³ October 95 ³ 230k   ³ XM Module by Leviathan ACiD Style    ³ Þ
ݳ   life     ³            ³        ³                                      ³ Þ
ݳ            ³            ³        ³                                      ³ Þ
ݳ  Ratman    ³ December 95³ 100k   ³ graphic by Darkman, for Party5       ³ Þ
ݳ            ³            ³        ³ place 39 out of 89                   ³ Þ

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