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Yes! by Agima

------> Y E S ! <-------
Published in may 2020 

An \\\ A G I M A /// 64kb intro for the great Amiga computer.
The intro works with at least 512kb of chip memory for a total of at least 1mb memory. 
It has been designed with the A500 in mind (OCS, 512kb chip, 512kb fast)


Ideas and Amos code : Aghnar
Music : Hi-lite

The intro has been compressed using Shrinkler 4.4 by Blueberry. 

About the music
This is a very good tracker module of 19kb written in 1992 by Hi-lite. 
It evokes for me some kind of increasing joy.
Thanks Hi-lite!

About the gfx
I drew the font used in 3 scenes with Dpaint 4. I pretentiously call it the Agima font and will reuse it with the text displayer in future prods.
The Yes logo has been generated with a Web online generator and reworked a bit with Dp4.
The mountains in the main title scene are taken from the good game "Toki" / Ocean 1991.
The moon and clouds in the background come from the artisticly awesome game "Agony" / Psygnosis 92
The field of flower in the first field has been buit from a pixel art image "My Mt St Helens Brings All the Flowers to the Yard" by Eeemie : https://www.reddit.com/user/eeemie/
Thanks !

About the dual/trial playfield
The first time I saw a trial playfield scrolling in an Amiga game is of course while playing to Agony in 1992.
The first time I saw this kind of rendering in Amos is some monthes ago when I looked at the code of the prototype of a game called "Daemon Claw : Origins of Nnar" by 
BitBeamCannon (https://bitbeamcannon.com/). 
BitBeamCannon is currently working on many future Amiga and other platforms awesome games.
The proof of concept of "DaemonClaw : Origins of Nnar" written in Amos (the final product will be written in an other langage) uses the blitter and a trick with the colors to have
a trial playfield rendering.
This is this trick I used in this intro applied to a dual playfield standard scrolling (8 and 7 colours). Who said Amos was so bad ;-) ?

Currently I am working on a game called "New Bubble Story" which is a complete refactoring (technically but also in term of gameplay with new levels)
of a game I wrote 25 years ago for Amiga 1200. This time it will be for Amiga 500 (and others). I hope to give more details very soon.

Aghnar / May 2020

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