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The Collection by 2xl Crew

  _______________  ____________/  /\  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  
                / /__   /  /  /  / /________________________  _________
               / / ____/-   -/  /_//\     \   , \   __\ \ \ \ \
    __________/ /_____/__/__/_____/\ \  ---\    -\   __\     \ \
                \_____\__\__\_____\/\ \_____\__\  \_____\__\__\ \____________
                  .not a demo group  \/_____/__/\__\____/__/__/
          the 2xl collective            ___
        is proud to present            /  /\
 _____________________________  ______/  /_/_____
  ___/ /____//___/  /_____//_/ /__   /  /  /  __/\
     \ \    \\   \  \     \\ \ \_/  /     /  __/\/ / //  ///// /    //  /   /
 _____\_\____\\ __\__\_____\\_\ /__/__/  /____/\/ / //  ///// /    //  /   /
                        ___     \____/  /\____\/
                       /\  \        /__/ /
                       \ \  \___    \__\/ ________
               _________\_\  \  \________(\__  \__\____________
              /\     \     \  \  \   __\     \  \  \     \ \   \  _____________
 \  \\   \ \\ \ \  ---\  '  \  \  \   __\  ---\  \  \  '  \     \ \  \\   \
  \  \\   \ \\ \ \_____\_____\__\  \_____\_____\__\__\_____\___\_\ \__\\___\__
                \/______________/\  \____/_____/__/__/_____/_____/ /__//___/___
                                \ \__\
                          \ \
                           \ \   an artpack assembled for your entertainment
                        \   \ \
                .    \\  \  \\       & released at sofascene.revision/
                             \\                                     /2o2o
                                /\  \
                             ___\_\  \________
                            /\___  \  \  \  __\
                            \/__/\  \     \  __\
                                \ \__\__\  \____\
                                 \/__/__/\  \___/
                                        \ \__\
                         ____        ___ \/__/   ____
         _______________/__  \______/__/\_______/__  \__________________
        /     /     /    \/  /  ,  /  /   . /  /  /  /     /  ,  /   __/\
       /  ---/  '  /  /  /  /    -/  /   , /  /  /  /  '  /    -/___  /\/
      /_____/_____/__/__/__/__/  /__/_____/_____/__/_____/__/  /_____/ /
                             \__\/  .in alphabetical order \__\/
                          exocet/dentifrice^up rough
                        lotek style/.tscc.^ymr^demozoo
       menace/spaceballs^boozoholics^accession^keyboarders^apan bepan
      /       ______________
  /  // / /  /\  ________  / ________________________
    /    /   \ \ \______/ / /\   __\     \  \  \   __\
        /     \ \ \    / /  \ \___  \  '  \     \   __\
               \ \ \  / /    \ \_____\_____\_\_\_\_____\   /\
                \ \ \/ /  ___ \/_____/_____/_/_/_/_____/  /\ \
                 \ \  /  /__/\__  __________________     /  \ \
                  \ \/  /  /    \/   __/     /   __/\   / /\ \ \
                   \/  /  /  /  /   __/  '  /___  /\/  / /  \ \ \
                      /__/__/__/__/\_/_____/_____/ /  / /____\ \ \         /
                      \__\__\__\__\/ \_____\_____\/  / /______\ \ \       /
                                        &insights   /____________\/ /   ///
.::. exocet/dentifrice^up rough .:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;.
 some thoughts: A bit of  background  information about  this image  that  will
                explain the overall sloppiness:  in a bout of masochism, it was
                all created using 1999-or-so technology. I've dusted off my old
                PC (AMD K6@200 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, Windows 98)  and used Paint Shop
                Pro 6 to draw this image from start to finish.  To up the ante,
                I've also  used a really cheap and inaccurate  graphic tablet I
                bought in  the late 90s,  which came with  a wired stylus!  The
                painting process took 2 or 3 hours and it was an... interesting
 personal grts: Greetings  to  everyone  in Just For Fun,  Dentifrice, Up Rough
                Flush, Atari scene people,  all the active peeps on Demozoo and
                all the persons I had the  chance to meet in  the  demoscene in
                the past 25 years or so. Keep safe and keep up the good work!
.::. gentleman .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;.
 some thoughts: ohne worte
 personal grts: hardy,    sensenstahl,    kuemmel,    powl,     gopher,    røly
                spider jerusalem, harekiet, pnm, t$, tomcat, noby, icycool,lisu
                okkie,  moqui,  beftex, wurstgetränk,  losso,  tma,  fieserwolf
                peiselulli, gasman, streetuff, muhmac, messi,  ohli, oni, luisa
                wysiwtf, hellmood,  gandhy,  virgill, stingray,  alkama, gargaj
                v0yager, jammer,  waffle,  myy, dojoe, reward,  h7, yop, franky
                truck,  t-101,  spiikki, eveangel,  suckho, nosfe, bodo, mikron
                grendel roz, matt, bifat, xxx, nodepond, topy, jonnz... and all
                the nice people not listed here right now! <3
.::. kuemmel .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;.
 some thoughts: Enjoy my 25 year old grave-digger-mods!
                Check the .txt for more info.
 personal grts: sensenstahl, hellmood,  gentleman,  t$,  bartman,  andy,  hardy
                gargaj,   tomcatabaddon,   harekiet,   britelite,   xq,   dojoe
                saga musix, kaomau and all the tiny intro coders
.::. Lotek Style/.tSCc.^YMR^Demozoo .:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;.
 some thoughts: It's been about 15 years since I released an ASCII-colly.  Well
                to be honest I just smashed together some stuff that was  lying
                around. Scary to read these time-scales. Maybe this will be the
                last  release of  this  kind.  Anyway I'd  like to  greet  some
 personal grts: All current members of .tSCc. (Insane, Creature XL, Llama,  Ray
                Moondog, Remo, Dynacore,  SCY, giZMo),  the whole demozoo-staff
                and all active atari sceners in 2020. Stay Atari!
.::. mandacore .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;.
 some thoughts: The first contact with the scene after years  I would  describe
                as follows:  "Another visitor. Stay  a while, stay  forever..."
                A few years  ago  I  sat together with h-bert and philosophized
                about old retro computers. Shortly afterwards the men's weekend
                at the Evoke was  planned  and  then successfully  carried out.
                What a flood of memories. It was clear  I wanted  the red pill.
                So I got some old stuff and off I went. Here I am now.
                Oh yes Sen told me to talk about my  favorite beer.  So here we
                go: Harte Arbeit. Ehrlicher Lohn. DBB
                In this spirit:
                "Another visitor. Stay a while, stay as SCENER..."
 personal grts: thanks to h-bert,  rayden and sensenstahl for bringing  me back
                to the roots.
.::. menace/Spaceballs^Boozoholics^Accession^Keyboarders^Apan Bepan .:::::::::;.
 some thoughts: This effort powered by coffee and self isolation.
 personal grts: sensenstahl, dozer,  slummy, lug00ber,  gloom,  eladamri,  leia
                gasman,  exocet, lotek style,  fnord, saga musix, emoon,  kusma
                susencrusen,  arcane,  phobium,  xeche,  response,  tick,  asle
                emoon, ziphoid, shifter, quarryman, randy,  tft, deadguy,  wasp
                hugin, bob, illm, hedning, curt cool, 4play
.::. preacher/traction .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;.
 some thoughts: These are  two  old poems,  once set to music  but now released
                here slightly edited in pure form.  Inspiration for these words
                came from David Tibet, Kim Larsen and  my late grandmother, not
                to mention the inevitable passage of time.
 personal grts: I would  like  to send love to  Sensenstahl for  creating  this
                anthology and to my  many other scene friends,  who I have  not
                seen in years. I love and miss you.
.::. RamonB5/DESiRE .:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;.
 some thoughts: I never dreamt having my weird personal experiments featured in
                an art pack.  But here we are with  The Collection and three of
                my experimentations  are in there.  Growing up  amongst so many
                talented people in code, music and pixelpushing has always made
                me  hesitant to  bring  my  stuff  into  public.  As  the  main
                organizer of  dSr  I am mostly  just chasing  other  people  to
                publish their great work and preferably under the DESiRE label. 
                But well,  let me tell you a bit about the three pieces of work
                of mine you can find in the art pack. 
                "The Collection" is  a 32c amiga picture that formed in my mind
                when talking with Sensenstahl about the idea for this art pack.
                I have tried  many variation  but adding  more to the picture I
                found to distracting.  So you have a simple logo and magic lamp
                the is  supposed to represent  the digital magic provide to you
                during this first ever remote Revision.  Made mostly with Corel
                Photopaint  (yes I still do  not use photoshop)  and Promotion.
                I am  not a real  talented  pixel  pusher,  so I rely  a lot on
                technology tools for creation of my stuff.
                "The Angry God"  or  "Do not mess with me"  is a picture that I
                created in 2015.  It's inspiration  was the game populous and I
                always  imagined how  the  god figure would  look  down at  his
                disciples.  The result is in  the picture and it turned out not
                to bad,  although I dislike the  proportion of  his nose in the
                end.  It was  never intended to be  revealed but  with the help
                of Zooperdan  and  Peakreacher on the  dithering and conversion
                steps I  believe it is ok  to show it to the public.  Also made
                with Corel Photopaint and Promotion. 
                "Turtlec64"  or  "Turtle called Koopa" is a old picture of 1992
                for C64.  Since Sensenstahl asked also to clean out old work, I
                thought  i t to  be  fun  to  show  this  to  the  public.  And
                Sensenstahl  wanted me to give  the turtle a name,  but I could
                think of  nothing then  the corny Koopa  although this  picture
                has nothing to do with Mario bros.  I do not even remember what
                tool I  used  in  the  time  to make  it,  but  brushed of  and
                multicolor bitmap mode PRG made with McDraw.
                Last  words  before  I do some  greetings  below.  I  often get
                questions how big dSr is,  but that is  not so much  our point.
                What we try to do in DESiRE is to spread the love for demoscene
                and get as  many people  enthusiastic  as possible.  The DESiRE
                comradeship  is  aimed  to  have  fun  and  preserve  demoscene
                splendor   for  posterity.  The  team  of  dSr  we  believe  in
                connecting  artists  and  technicians , where  the  artist  can
                inspire the technician,  the technician can inspire the artist,
                and  both of  them can inspire the  audience.  If you are still
                reading this, you might be interested in becoming creative with
                us, then please contact me. It does not matter what hardware or
                skills you fancy, we are not old or new school, but we pick the
                elements of  both combining in an  attitude that best suits the
                idea in question. 
                                     Stay safe everybody ! 
                          \____ \   ____/  ______________   \  _____/                                                
                         _/   /  \_ __/______  \    \_ _/  _/  __/___
                         \   /    / \    /  /   \    / \   \   \    /
                          \_____ /_____ /_______/__ /___\   \_____ /
 personal grts: . Sensenstahl: thanks for  letting  me participate  in the  art
                  pack :)
                . DESiRE: love all  you guys and  girls,  hope we  continue for
                  much longer 
                . and everybody in:  alcatraz,  ate bit,  avatar, blocktronics,
                  crtc,   darklite,   dekadence,   delysid,   fairlight,   G*P,
                  hokuto force,  insane,  logicoma,  moods plateau,  nah kolor,
                  oxyron,    poo-brain,    quebarium,     resistance,     rift,
                  samar productions,    shape,   silicon ltd,  success,  svatg,
                  the ruling company,  the undead sceners, titan, toondichters,
                  triad, trsi, vision, xenon.... 
                  and all I forgot. 
.::. sensenstahl/hjb^demozoo .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;.
 some thoughts: i am so glad this whole thing worked out. so THANKS & CHEERS to
                everyone  involved  in  the  project  supporting  the  idea  by
                contributing making this pack happen and giving it its  flavour
                & nice diversity :) but i miss the bonfire though :(
 personal grts: ümlaüt design, desire, conspiracy, defacto2, logicoma, mercury,
                ivory labs,  ninjadev, lemon. ,prismbeings, cocoon,  unchained,
                andromeda software development, digital dynamite & united force
                tristar & red sector inc. , all  members of  haujobb & braujobb
                macau  exports,  ribbon,  the  demozoo  staff  +all  the  usual
                s!zecoding suspects (8
.::. sim/wanted.team^lamers^titan .:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;.
 some thoughts: Desire - 16 colors:
                Once in 2015, IIrc.... No!! It was in 2014! Ohhh gosh, how FAST
                the time goes by!  I do NOT believe it.  Sooo,  where was I, ah
                yes, I was comming back from internal Titan party-meeting which
                hold  in  north part of  Holland,  close to Veld.  Yes, it was.
                Arvenius, who  was there as well, asked me whether I could give
                him a ride, since  he heard  I was  going to Germany,  the same
                direction he wanted to go to.  I agreed... During our  trip, to
                my surprise, I learnt he was going to  Outline copy-party =D...
                I was not aware of it at all,  so I decided  to give him a lift
                to the very  party  place  and... decided  personally to  party
                there as well =) ... Arvenius,  thanks dude for the information
                I met a lot of cool dudes there.  Some of them  I have  already
                new an/or seen or  spoke to.  Some of them I  have met for  the
                first time. One of them was a nice Amiga bloke - Tim/Desire. He
                saw my gfx I was  doing at the party-place, and got interested.
                I  proposed him to  do a logo for his next intro.  He expressed
                his interest very much. I came back from the party,occasionally
                started to design and after designing it, pixel.I was improving
                the  logo,  but,   strange,  have  not  got  answer  from  Tim.
                Unfortunately, I learned,  he was heavily  taken by his job and
                had no time to code the Amiga stuff. 
                Months and even some years passed by, and... all of  a sudden I
                was asked for it, again =). Althou,  some small adaptation  had
                to be done  (gfx size resolution, contraints),  thou... What  I
                And finally, this DESIRE  logo got released in a very nice (but
                quite   short,   imho)   demo   "We  are   still  fighting  for
                transitions..." by Desire.  It was on  July 2017  at  Nordlicht
                2017  party.  It  was  released  on  an  amazing   but   rather
                not-very-known VBXE extension card for the Atari XL/XE. 
                Here you have a link:
                Scoopex Blue Rose - 28 colors: 
                A different,  less  colorfull  version  got released  December,
                2019,  in  Scoopex  cracktro for  Recoil remake  game. Good job
                Taken from personal notes...:
                Actually the initial idea came up  on February, in 2015(!),  It
                was, I think, after I found out the StarQuake game was going to
                be ported on the Amiga.  Yes,  all the  gfx was done in thought
                about this game (but as you  already know - it did not happend.
                But that's another story).
                The  intro  logos  first   pixels  (no  rendering,  only  hand/
                imagination/grafx2 were  used),  were put on  12.march.2015 and
                finished  on  16.march.2015  (I was ill so I had more time  ;).
                Fonts were made on 17.march.2015. The whole design was finished
                on o4.june.2015.  But there were no coders... Or no answer from
                those I contacted and who got initially "very interested in it"
                (hello...) ;).
                Since meanwhile  I had  some,  let's  call it, "life issues", I
                decided to add the thorns on "O" and "P"  letters, as my answer
                for it (not seen here, but in the final version,  which is less
                colorful too, in fact).
                As for the Blue Rose. A blue rose, as inexistant in the nature,
                during  the aeons has earnt many different  meanings, true. But
                one  is/was very important,  at the time of pixeling,  for  me,
                which  I  wanted to  pass thru the logo.  The  message was  the
                significance  of strength,  perseverence  in  accomplishing the
                impossible.  The perseverence  in fighting  and challenging all
                the difficulties,  complexities  and  meandres of live,  coping
                with all odds and finally achieving the goal=).
                OK, OK...  I also like blue,  so I  chose that colour first and
                later got the inspiration, when I was looking for the Blue Rose
                meaning... ;P.
                And well, the Scoopex released intro, after  5  years since the
                gfx  was  done,  is  the  proof  of  that - the perseverence in
                accomplishing  the  impossible  -  as well (as for the  time it
                took from pixelling to being released =).
                Overdrive2 - Titan 3D - 16 colours:  unreleased 
                Strange  stories  behind... I will  just  stick to only one.  I
                started  to  pixel  the  gfx,  and  this  logo,  for  the  then
                up-comming Overdrive2  MegaDrive demo by Titan,  I was part of.
                The dev team had no gfxman and we started a coop. This logo was
                supposed to be featured with the texture 3D vector gfx (cube? I
                do not remember exactly) and was first appreciated. But finally
                it was decided not to include this...  The politics went in to.
                It did not fit the demo. Nothing more worth to mention.
                Scoopex Starquake - 16 colours: unreleased
                Touchdown imminent  prepare  for mission  Starquake... Crash...
                Bang...    Smash...    Toucthdown    Comthuter    Malthunction
                Malfunnythinking ...
                I was working with one Amiga coder on the Scoopex intro for the
                up-comming, being already in  developemment for  more then  few
                years - an ST-to-Amiga conversion  of a great game - StarQuake!
                Funny  thing,  since  I  LOVE this game  I tried to contact the
                coder of the game for a quite very long time (already in 2015),
                with no success...=/ And I got contacted by the intro coder ;).
                About the logo:                
                In fact  the  BlueRose  intro was  supposed to  be  a StarQuake
                intro. But one day (Yes, ONLY  ONE day earlier) before,  I sent
                the  "Blue Rose"  design and  lay-out to just another  coder to
                code it (thanx dude for your GOOD job!!).
                The, let's say, a - new - StarQuake crackintro coder  developed
                a great  copper-trick rotator routine.  Having no graphician he
                contacted me to cooperate with... Very niiicee, thanks man! =).
                I had  the  idea to  design  the intro  -  the Tutankhamun mask
                together with styled,  16 colors, game-themed logo. We had some
                time.  I was pixelling the Tutankhamun which took me *a lot* of
                time.  The  deadline  was  not   there,  yet.   But   suddenly,
                unfortunatelly, all seemed to change. Moreover, we had problems
                exchanging our mails  (not delivered,  rejected  and etc...). I
                somehow   delivered   the  Tutankhamun  texture  for  the rotor
                routine, and   - few days later -  the logo (not this - final -
                version, thou),  but learned,  the coder  has already  released
                the intro and had already sent it to the team. Might be that in
                the panic, or under the deadline stress, dunno...  he contacted
                another person, without  telling  me. As the result of that the
                crack-intro has been released with  different  gfx,  but  still
                containing my idea ;). I have my invisible touch there =).
                Life? Dunno.. Lack of trust. Perhaps...
                Positive  point  -  this  logo  got  polished  after  the intro
                release. Now it is 101%++ =)!
                The logo features: 
                - BLOB (Bio-Logically Operated Being) on the right side  of the
                logo,  walking on the  "X" letter.  He was  put there  to  show
                the hero ready for the adventure ;).
                - BLOB's, yet still  malfunctioning, starship  on the left side
                of the screen, making a down-part of the "S" letter.  It is  my
                another nice touch to the logo. Every platform  remake  has  it
                with differents  touches.  I  based  mine  on  XL/XE,  ZX,  CPC
                - Olly. If you look VERY carefully there is a small bag, placed
                at the bottom of the starship, with small (look VERY CAREFULLY)
                tentacles comming out of it. I have never found the answer what
                is/was it. Most probably, I suppose, it is BLOB's friend -OLLY,
                the octopus. He can be "encountered"" in the Amstrad CPC (ZX as
                well?) versions after trying to abort the game.  There, you can
                see  the screen  with  "Say goodbye to Olly..."  text  together
                with a BIG astronaut octopus Olly.  If anyone  knows something/
                anything about Olly (Stephen CROW?), please, let me know. =)  
                - the planets to show the game is about the space adventures.
                Question for the reader:
                The  Atari XL/XE  (the best version),   MSX,  Commodore64,  CPC
                main theme. The main-theme music, If I am  not  mistaken..., is
                the  remake  of  one  CLASSIC  musical  score  (Beethoven? or a
                different classical musician). I heard the real music only once
                on  the  radio  station  many, many years ago... If I am not, I
                repeat,  mistaken...    Have  not  found  the  tune  yet...  If
                someone  recognizes  it, it would be nice to hear  (again)  the
                original - if I am not mistaken ;) - score.
                Wanted Team logo - 29 colours: unreleased (yet)
                The first pixels of this logo were put in... 2014,  when I  was
                proposed  to  work on the  Wanted Team + Resistance cooperation
                Amiga demo/dentro called "Sun Candy", released at the SolSkogen
                party in 2014 (ranked 3rd). Here you may have a look:
                It was a 16 colours freestyled work,after many years of silence
                from my part.
                Since the logo featured in the demo was  not exactly what I was
                expecting colorwise, from time to  time  I  was  retouching it.
                Adding some pixels here and there, changing the colours, adding
                some more thingies... And yes, here it is. I like this  version
                very much...There are three tags on the panels : AS, MCX, SIM1.
 personal grtz: All the ppl I worked with or  who know me in person.  My Wanted
                Team cronies (you rule! =),  Lamers (you lamers ;),  Resistance
                (Ha det bra!), Suspect Amiga (thanks for your friendship!,  see
                you soon), some Titan members... Sen (thanks for your  patience
                and  that's great you have such a cool motivation).  
                To arcade-games fans and ethusiasts!
                And greetz to all...  There  are  many of you I had a nice talk
                with. Thank you all!
                And certainly  -  to my dear family.  Thank you for being my...
                family. Have a great life =)
                To all:  
                Look for the freedom and REAL you INSIDE you. There - you gonna
                find ALL the answers. But behold! Do not mistake  it with  your
                personal interest, service-to-self, or - if you wish - the EGO,
                All good, all the best.
.::. spotter/trsi .:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;.
 some thoughts: "sweet dreams are made of it" is an unreleased sketch from 2006
                congratulations to  TRSI for our 30th  anniversary  season from
                1990 to 2020.
                We are the Sleeping Gods.
                FULCRUM  .  HAUJOBB  .  HOODLUM  .  HQC  .  NAH KOLOR .  OXYRON
                TRIAD   .   TPOLM   .    TSA   .    VISION FACTORY   .    XAYAX
        /!_ ____ _  __ _ _ __  /  /\          ____         / /  // /  /
        \!              ____  /  /_/_________/__  \ ____!\
               /!______/    \/     /     /  /  /  /\    !/ __ ____ _ __!\
              /       /  '  /  '  /  '  /  /  /  / /  __    __    __     \
    /!_ ___ _ \ _____/_____/_____/_____/_____/__/ /  /_/\  /_/\  /_/\ _  /
    \!         \!    \_____\_____\_____\_____\__\/   \_\/  \_\/  \_\/  !/
.::. this pack .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;.
 sensenstahl typing. (it sounds rediculous to me but fits the purpose i guess.)
 around autumn 2o19 i  started to  add  artpacks to  demozoo on a  bigger scale
 going  though the  directories on scene.org.  one thing led to another  a.k.a.
 there was a seed planted in my head. so in dec 2o19 i had the idea to ask some
 (fellow)  sceners if  they might be  interested in contributing to an  artpack
 just  for the  fun of  it.  after receiving  positive feedback  i've  set  the
 planned release date to revision because of motivation and for a good exposure
 of  the  final  product  (while not  even having  a  single  contribution  nor
 something done myself at this point).  well,  now  a few months later you  are
 reading this.  not  releasing this pack was  not an option when  revision  got
 cancelled (also not  knowing which compos will  end on the list for the online
 edition). anyway, having a  pack with almost no  restictions of the used media
 (except code/video)  became  a  project of  passion to  me  quite fast so i am
 happy that it evolved from an idea to this release with the help  of  everyone
 involved (= a part of that equation might be that it  sparked something  which
 got lost for me in the field of coding over the last 2 years or so. it was and
 still is fun but it is not the same anymore; at least at this point. but i got
 a bit off track here.
            that all being said: we* hope that you enjoy this pack!
 *the release is also a  small surprise to all who contributed because they did
  not know who else is on board.
.::. 2xl .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;.
 sensenstahl still on the keys.  (now this is even more rediculous, well done.)
 the forming of the group is  directly connected to this release. while waiting
 for incoming  contributions i realized that it would  not make that much sense
 to have  all sceners  mentioned  on  the  (not going to happen)  big screen/at
 results/databases  because  the list  would be  kinda  long.  so i skipped the
 initial  plan  of not founding  a group.  after writing  down  some ideas  and
 chatting with ramonb5/dsr  and  spotter/trsi i decided on the  name "2xl crew"
 because it rolls nice off the tongue.  and even though  the name is mainly the
 solution for (and expression of) the  "problem"  mentioned above it should not
 be one of those throwaway names/groups  just for the sake  of having one for a
 release at a party. it's also not meant to be a demo group, more an art group/
 collective where members are invited to throw in a release every now and then,
 stand-alone or in future packs.  time will tell i guess.  the  only  exception
 will be intros/executable gfx/similar code for  obvious reasons  as  mentioned
 so if you  consider releasing  something  out of your comfort zone  or  a work
 that does not  fit under your  other groups banner  for one reason or  another
 or if you just want to release something in and for this  new group  feel free
 to reach out to me. also creative outputs are welcome that do not easily  find
 a place  (if at all)  in  "normal"  scene  productions/categories  (e.g. short
 stories,  a movie as .gif ...)  It is  not about  strolling away  too far from
 traditional scene content we all love  and enjoy  but there  are  many ways of
 bringing ideas to life and to the scene. stay creative!
          here i should type some closing words to wrap it all up (tm)
                                 /\  \
 ___________________________  ___\_\  \________
  ___/___/_/_______/____//_/ /\___  \  \  \  __\
     \   \ \       \    \\ \ \/__/\  \     \  __\ \  \\   \\\\ \   \\ \    \
 _____\___\_\_______\____\\_\    \ \__\__\  \____\ \  \\   \\\\ \   \\ \    \
               2x1                \/__/__/\  \___/
                                ___      \ \__\
                               /  /\      \/__/
                              /  / /         ____  ___
                 ____________/  /_/_________/__  \/__/)________  ______________
  //  /  ///  / /     /     /  /  /  ___/     /  /  /     /    \ \ \   \\ \
 //  /  ///  / /  ---/  ,  /  /  /  ___/  ---/  /  /  ,  /  /  /\ \_\___\\_\__
              /_____/_____/__/  /_____/_____/__/__/_____/__/__/ / /_/___//_/___
              \_____\_____\_/  /\_____\_____\__\__\_____\__\__\/    crew
                           /__/ /
                           \__\/          -  -- -  -Z   o  2 . -  ---   -    -
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