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Risc OS 3dball by Kuemmel [web]


 '3dball' =>

 a 256 byte intro by Kuemmel for Revision 2020
 for Risc OS (e.g. running on a Raspberry Pi 2/3/4)
 handed in for the Wild compo, as the 256 Byte compo
 is x86 only.

 Some info on this:

 Basically just some platform support for my beloved
 Risc OS operating system and may be one of the few 256
 Byte intros on that nice platform. It's based on my
 'codegrinder' 128 Byte intro for DOS, derived from a
 shader by Kusma. 
 Special thanks have to go to Phlamethrower for helping
 with the OS specific stuff and getting rid of some
 unnecessary instructions.

 - runs on Risc OS (Check https://www.riscosopen.org/)
 - needs an ARM CPU with the NEON extension
 - 100% assembler software rendering,
   single core (Risc OS only uses one), no shaders harmed
 - as it uses the resolution of the desktop it should
   run on all resolutions as long as they are true colour
 - tested on an overclocked Raspberry Pi 4 at 2147 MHz
   achieving about 50 FPS at 1920x1080, of course even
   faster on lower resolutions
 - play with the colours...3 instructions for modify :-)

 Check out the extra folder were I saved all the colour
 variants that can be created by the choice of the
 source code  

 Greetings to sensenstahl,hellmood,gentlemen,t$,bartman,
 dojoe,saga musix,kaomau, phlamethrower and all the tiny
 intro coders                                                  
                     :    ,$
                     %  dS'
                     $   "s,
                     ;      *,_   ,

        e-mail: michael.kuebel@googlemail.com 
        web...: www.mikusite.de
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