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N++ Demo

N++ demo by ps
for the Revision 2020 animation/video competition

N++ is a videogame developed by Metanet for the PS4, Switch, XBOX and PC.
The latest version of old N, a flash platformer featuring a pacifist ninja.

N++ has a map editor! I wonder if i could do a demo with that?
N++ is limited to 42*23 tiles of 8 types.
The number of entities you can put on screen is also limited in quantity.

I managed to reach the maximum number of trap doors allowed on the IFS map.
Also reached the maximum number of mini drones allowed on the metaballs map.

Farbrausch map was made by hand, which was a lesson learned to use scripts.
The map format had already been documented by the community.
I helped Eddy figure out how to get his bot to download userlevels from
Metanet servers and in exchanged he helped me figure out how to modify his
map conversion scripts to run a couple of "screenshot to entity art map"
conversion routines which i used for the poobrain, amiga and revision maps.

Eddy and Zarah had also been developing a palette editor, which was handy
to create most of the custom palettes you see on amiga, lunatico, mercury, fr.

Demoscene sound effects taken from your all time classic demos such as
"Spider Kim" / Spacepigs, "undetailed aesthetics over the similarities between
common sea and river water fishery and low frequency musical instruments
megademo 7005" / TMI and the lesser known "Second Reality" / Future Crew.
Hallo?/Was! and Amigaaaaaa shouts provided by yours truly.

Track used is Proto Z by Genox, originally released in 2007, recently
re-released through Enough Records on the Similarities album.

Thanks everyone who helped playtest the maps, special thanks Gealx3 for doing
all-gold run attempts on most of these maps, providing some excellent replays!

Stay home, stay safe from the corona virus,
... and don't forget to come to Inércia Demoparty 2005!
In 2020 we'll have it during 2-5 October in beautiful Almada / Portugal.

ps / TPOLM ^ Enough Records
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