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squishy by Logicoma [web]

squishy 0.1.3 - 64k intro packer
Copyright (C) 2016-2021 Jake "ferris" Taylor / logicoma


squishy is a modern pc 64k intro packer that provides better compression than
all alternatives (that I've tried at least). It does so with a healthy mix of
fresh and existing ideas, along with a hefty dose of CPU cycles and memory.

squishy has been used in several intros by top pc 64k intro groups including
logicoma, monad, macau exports, polarity, quadtrip, ivory labs, and more.


Currently, squishy is a barebones, command-line PE packer. There are no fancy
reporting/debugging features or parameterization. Some of this stuff is
planned, some of it isn't.

Example usage:

squishy -i uncompressed.exe -o compo-winner.exe

Pass -h or --help for more options/usage info.


See the LICENSE file for licensing terms and conditions.


While squishy was primarily developed and tested by ferris / logicoma, several
folks (and their respective works) have been instrumental in its design
development. Specifically, I'd like to thank:

 - ryg / farbrausch, charles bloom, matt mahoney (and other PAQ authors), LZMA
   authors for providing open-source compression utilities, blog posts, and
   other literature
 - blueberry / loonies for initial help bootstrapping a crinkler-like model
   and context tips
 - mentor / tbc for tips/guidance for model improvements/testing
 - all intro authors who provided (and continue to provide) uncompressed
   executables which was instrumental in building an extensive/universal PE
 - gargaj / conspiracy for usability feedback/testing


version 0.1.3 (07.02.2021)
 - Fixed a possible code section unfilter regression introduced in 0.1.2,
   which affected a handful of intros.
 - Fixed an issue where certain large resources could get corrupted during
 - Added additional 32-bit executable sanity checks which should catch most
   invalid/malformed input files.

version 0.1.2 (22.04.2020)
 - Reworked jmp/call transform to be driven by the model's state-based
   disassembler, which allows the transform to more accurately identify these
   instructions. This provides better compression while also fixing
   compatibility issues when the previous inverse transform would produce
   invalid code after decompression.
 - Adjusted indirect models slightly for better compression.

version 0.1.1 (05.04.2020)
 - Added several command line options; see usage for info.
 - Added warnings for resources, as they can be somewhat large.

version 0.1.0 (29.03.2020)
 - Initial release version. A near-identical build was used to produce the
   first released 64k intros using squishy. If you received a version of
   squishy before the official public release, it should be nearly identical to
   this build and produce identical executables.


Copyright (C) 2016-2021 Jake "ferris" Taylor / logicoma
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