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SillyVenture 2019 Fluid City Impressionism PAL by Relational Framework [web]

Name of prod: SillyVenture Fluid City Impressionism
Categories: Atari VCS 6K Demo entry AND Game entry - SillyVenture had some difficulty categorizing my entries becaue they have characteristics of both the demo and game categories. Fluid City must be played to unlock all of the demos and my other entry BREAKLOUT2002 LASERBEAMS needed no interaction but could be played, so we split the categories - I hope everyone enjoys the demos in the game, and the games in the demo! :)  

Produced by: RelationalFramework.com
Written By: "Mr SQL" from AtariAge
System Specs: Atari VCS and the Starpath SuperCharger or Harmony cart
ROM binary for the Harmony cart: SillyVenture_Fluid_City_ImpressionismII_PAL_R3.bin
WAV file for the SuperCharger: SillyVenture_Fluid_City_ImpressionismII_PAL_R3.wav

interesting details on the demos:
Motion Blur and Motion Bur reduction - the demo starts with a scrolling text display that is either clear or blurry with a "ghosting sprites" effect depending upon the position of the BW/Color switch.

This demo is a recent parallel discovery of "Motion Blur Reduction" or MBR made unexpectedly by myself while working on a soft blitter for the VCS, and unexpectedly by the parallel researcher while working on advanced 3D displays!

You can read more about this interesting discovery following the links on my site but the demo effects of course are the most interesting to see - here's how to run the rest of the MBR demos and play the game:

Once you press the button the simple BLITZ game will start and you must aim with accuracy to keep from crashing into the fluidly scrolling City - 

Fluid city demo's:
Again the BW/Color switch will change the display between blurry and clear with motion blur reduction, but this demo is very different because the game becomes twice as fast to eliminate the blur while the text demo uses a constant speed and changed the video signal. This is a great optical illusion demo for fun discussion at the party! "Why do the buildings change?" 

Demo on the edge of reaction time - at normal speed the game requires reaction time on the border of human ability yet there will be a few Atari video game champions at the SillyVenture party that can complete this demo on the first try! This will unlock the Shoutout demo scroller -

The Shoutout demo scroller:
The long shoutout demo with lots of text happens only when you beat the game; making progress in the game will unlock shorter text demos.


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