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1kplay by 4-Mat

"1k play" - a small sid music driver

code / demo tune (use 8580 sidchip) - 4mat

This is a driver I wrote back in 2016 for 4kb intros that want a little more substance to their tracks.  It's been
used in a few things like Razor 1911's "Best Intro Ever" (where the demo track comes from) and Logicoma's "Makeshift".

Songs average around 1kb uncompressed (with variables/generated pitch table as extra overhead) but it does a few things
like filter support and pattern looping to make longer songs which some of my earlier players haven't.

Everything is written in source, you could makes this a little nicer by setting const values for notes/commands
but tbh for me at least once you're "in the zone" writing in these things it doesn't really matter.

Source is in DASM, though I don't expect there's much that would need converting to get it working elsewhere.



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