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Lentilbrew Lane BBS by TRiBE

³ TRiBE presents another one of LogaN's really twisted and demented (yet fun  ³
³ for the whole family) ANSi's:  Logiepoo's Fantasy Ad for Lentilbrew Lane!   ³

LogaN's one twisted dude.  Here's further proof of that.  (As if Slugs wasn't
enough to put him away for the rest of puberty.)  "Logiepoo" can do that ANSi
thing though, and that's what really counts.

Just type RUNME at yer Dos prompt.  It'll do all the stuff for you.  I mean,
sure, you have to read this again, but it's better than typing:


                             . . .don't you think?

Anyway, this is technically NOT a TRiBE ANSI, but since he's in TRiBE now and
you all just HAVE to check this out, we're gonna release it for him.  SHhhhh.
Don't tell anyone.  They'll think we're trying to compete...  Truth is, this
is just too much fun to keep to ourselves!

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