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Bunch of Craving Kids by Bunch of Craving Kids

.-= bunch of craving kids =-.

is the new group just formed some moments ago
...and this is the first release
we are freakin proud to release it for the
famous trsac2019

for hassleless enjoyment, u can use the bock.uae
for ur winuae and mount the bock.adf

if u want to run it on ur beloved hardware and want
to listen to the sooooo sexy voice of paula, u might
run the "bock" in the directory. if u have an old
a1200 like i have (it's slower than the emulator), 
u can run the "bock_1200slooo".
in all cases -> please use MONO <-

if u think of writing the adf to a physical disk and mount
it to the drive of ur amiga, then do this - but coz it's
not packed it will use 1 minute of ur live. and because
we love u, we don't want u to hate us, hehe.

sincerely urs,
noob-a n chlumpie
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