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Tão Perto, Tão Longe... by enoughrecords [web]

# enr_-_tao_perto_tao_longe

Enough Records demo entry for Evoke 2019

Code, direction & ddgart: [ps](http://tpolm.org/~ps)

Music: [Himalayha](http://enoughrecords.scene.org/release/enrmp438)

Tested on Chrome and Firefox, needs hardware accelaration turned on for proper framerate.

Needs local http webserver running to access the music buffer's fft data buffer.

If you have node http-server globally installed you can just call `http_server_launch.bat`
If you don't you need to install node and execute `npm -g http-server`
And the demo page will be available on `http://localhost:8080`

If you're a python person:
you can do `python3 -m http.server` if you have version 3.x
or `python -m SimpleHTTPServer` if you have version 2.x
And the demo page will be available on `http://localhost:8000`

Or if you don't like setting up local web servers, you can access
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