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Hacklab.fi advertisement by Hackers [web]

Hacklab.fi Advertisement Demo - by HACKERS(r) MULTIMEDIA ENTERTAINMENT(tm)

So, this time a direct2video demo. Depili from Hacklab Helsinki contacted us
a few months ago, with news that Assembly will have this ultrawide
7502x1500 bigscreen this year. The problem was that they had very little
native resolution content for it.
We of course said yes, epic big screens with higher pixel density than IMAX are
something that our well-fed artists are filling with beautiful pixels almost
every day!

Being quality-oriented organization, we of course wanted to try with
uncompressed video first. For some reason it's hard to show 1GB/s bitrate
video in year 2019.. A quick phone-call to our compression specialist
Hi-Stack/HACKERS suggested usage of Apple Prores, which ffmpeg surprisingly
supported. After a quick 3fps compression session (Lol @ external USB3 SSDs
in year 2019 right?) we had something that looked fairly okay. It decoded to
three 4k outputs at 60fps, and looked crispy.

This distribution package here is the binary for Microsoft Windows. Demo was
coded / recorded on GNU/Linux, but most demoscene people hate freedom so we
don't see point in including the binary unless there's some media backlash.
Any half-decent gpu should run it okay. Output stage of the pipeline scales
7502x1500 internal buffers to the desktop resolution. Downscaling doesn't
have any fancy filtering, so it might alias a bit. :-D
Use B/N/M keys to see parts of the framebuffer with 1:1 pixels.


Yeah yeah yeah, the years roll by but demos still suck. Go walk in the forest
while you still can.

Full credits:
2017.3 Hackers Storytelling Technology .. Ash Checksum
Code & Sync & Shaders                  .. Ash Checksum
Music                                  .. famous composer Ville Jaakkola
Partner Organization Technical Contact .. Depili
Video Compression Help                 .. Hi-Stack

Greetings to Fairlight, ID Software and Dinasours


 - Ash Checksum / HACKERS

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