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Disk Maggie 25 by Reservoir Gods [web] & Maggie Team

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        A new Maggie issue is not just a release, it's an event!

Here it is,  Maggie 25,  another  chairbreaker  of an issue, easily in the 
700k plus area as far as the  textfiles  go,  and by the time the intro on
the Falcon version was added in, we had a real job to get it all in there..

Hence on the Falcon version, a lot of the screenshots are half-sized 'box'
format similar to  the Dead Hackers  recent demos,  as the screenshots are
the real spacehogs in any given issue of Maggie.. But we managed it in the

Well there's quite a lot of  ground to cover  with  this  .readme.txt this
time around, so let's get stuck in!

STOP PRESS! - Some late news..

We've just heard that the  rights  to TOS (The Operating System) have been
bought by the makers  of the  Medusa  Atari clone, it looks like they will
be carrying out further development of it (TOS 6?)

Undercover issue 11,  replete  with  its  new  Earx-coded  shell, has been
released.. (More on 'Undercover' in a minute..)

A batch of  mixed  demo releases,  including  several  ST/STe  intros, and 
one or two Falcon intros has been released from the French Volcanic Party.

Bonus of 'Falcon Users Netherlands'  (FUN)  has released a preview version
of his very long awaited  'Men at War' game,  this should be finished soon,
hopefully  by InterJam,  if there is sufficient response..  This  game and
other FUN news can be found at:

  FUNHomepage : www.xs4all.nl/~bonus

Bonus has also told us that 'Funscape', the Falcon disk magazine has *not*
stopped, and there will be future issues!

More on these next issue!

Undercover diskmag, how do we all get out of this mess?

I've just had a  quick look  at their newly  released issue 11, and whilst 
any detailed  appraisal will have to wait until the next  Maggie issue,  I
would say that  I liked what I saw,  the new shell  (with one or two bugs,
never mind,  there is always  next time!) looks good,  the articles are of
a  better  quality  than before,  the 'Scene News' part  really  seems  to
have  got  a new liveliness to it,  and, dare I say,  even  Moondog  seems
to be  a bit  happier  these  days,  with a ringing statement of intent to
carry on to the year 2000!

Having  said  that,  there is also a  contentious exchange of views in the
letters  pages  between people  about the  review  of Maggie 24  in  their 
previous issue.. Now there is no point in adding to it needlessly to prove
myself 'right', but I would like to make just one suggestion that might be 
helpful in the future..

With reference to news stories,  if  something sounds too weird to be true
(Such as Maggie employing New  Beat  Developments to code a new shell), it
might be a good idea  to double check the story,  or at least downgrade it
from 'fact' to 'rumour'..  I accept  that no-one,  least of all ourselves,
are  perfect,  and genuine  mistakes  do get made,  but  a  few  questions 
discreetly  asked  before  something  goes in the issue might well save us 
all a lot of grief in the letters pages in the end!

(And just who did come up with the Maggie/New Beat story  anyway?  Answers
on a postcard to the usual address...)

Another thing,  please don't take the 'Epilepsy' story personally Moondog,
it was  written in the  heat of that contentious issue 10 review by one of
our regular  contributors  who felt very strongly about it.. We appreciate
the good work  you  are doing with UCM and hope that this series of mutual 
misunderstandings are behind us!!

Maggie Charts!

Check out  the  'charts'  folder  on the disk for the first results of the
all-new Maggie charts..  These  came  just  too late to incorporate in the
main text, but here they are in all their painstakingly compiled glory..

Also, please take time out to send in your votes on the enclosed form text
also in the 'charts' folder..

Mucho gratefulness to those people who have voted thus far... 

Mr Pink reminded me to say....

Those  of  you  reading  the  new Falcon Maggie shell,  this is the proper
authentic  upgrade  with  all  features  implemented!  There  are  several 
'hidden' goodies, or 'features', see if you can find them!

For those people who can't  get  beyond  this  readme.txt,  there  will be
an all-new HTML  version of  this issue shortly available, the URL follows

Look for 'Maggie online'..

Now even Hades owners can enjoy Maggie!

The  Brian  Transeau interview, this is a major scoop for Maggie for those
people into house music, or into the music/MIDI scene generally!

The  'Scene  News'  section  is  bigger  and  better  than ever, hopefully
a constructive response to recent criticisms from certain people ;-)

A dedication....

And  finally,  we'd  like to do something we normally don't tend to do for 
an issue of Maggie,  that is, to dedicate it to an outstanding individual.

Now we're not normally  in  favour of handing out dedications the way some
people do,  like handing  out cups of water,  it can turn into an overused 
and devalued device that way..

On this occasion though,  we  dedicate  this  issue of Maggie to the actor
Dermot Morgan,  who died tragically  at a  relatively  young age,  and who 
will be sadly missed..  Dermot Morgan was  the comic  genius who played as
'Father Ted' in the  television series of the same name which gave us such
pleasure over the years.. 

Okay, you can get on with reading the rest of the issue now!!

CiH - March 8th 1998

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