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Disk Maggie 22 by Reservoir Gods [web] & Maggie Team

                            //////        //////
                         ///    ////   ///    ////
                         //      ///   //      ///
                               ///           ///
                            ///           ///
                         ////          ////
                       ///////////   ///////////

                          M a g g i e   2 2 

             Official release date 18th January 1997.

Blummin'  heck,  better keep this .readme down as I've just  about 
run out of space on this issue, on the ST version, space is *very* 
tight  indeed..  Still,  a few things to say before I sign off for 
Maggie 22..

A strange message from Leon to Arto..

Leon (Mr Pink) in his .readme text which came with his  documents, 
asked  me  to send exteneded to Arto for his  hospitality  on  his 
recent  visit to Paris..  I'm not sure what 'exteneded' is,  but I 
assume that some sort of thanks are being transmitted to Arto, via 
this  issue of Maggie,  and something went horribly wrong  between 
Leon's  brain,  and his keyboard..  I sympathise as it gets me all 
teh time.. Anyway, thanks Arto, from Leon, Tash and Tat..

Unrealised and accidental tri-format compatibility..

(A good one, this..)

Yes, it is possible to get the ST Delta Force version of Maggie to 
run  on something other than a bog standard TOS based  ST(e)..  In 
spite of our assumptions to the contrary, it seems that Maggie, or 
the  old style ST based New Mode of Delta Force version at  least, 
runs quite flawlessly under MagiC!!

I've seen it for myself on a MagiC 5 powered Falcon, and have been 
told second hand that it works on MagiC Mac too.. A reappraisal of 
what  it  might do on the PC version of MagiC is in order,  as  we 
stupidly  tried to run the single issue that we did with an  intro 
in recent memory (issue 21) which killed everything in sight  (see 
preview of MagiC PC in this issue for more details)..  As MagiC PC 
uses  68000  emulation,  Maggie running on the PC can't  be  ruled 

In  all cases,  Maggie still benefits from running under ST Medium 
res  (640 x 200,  four colours) for you non-ST people out  there.. 
Don't  try  this one with the Falcon shell,  as this has too  much 
intimacy  with the Falcon hardware to try to get it to cosy up  to 
other platforms..

Rich  K.  will let us know also how he gets on with running Maggie 
under  'GEMulator'  on the PC,  which has a serious 68k  emulation 
component as well..

So, Maggie for ST, Falcon, Macintosh, and possibly PC too!!

Shows and stuff..

The  next  lot  of Atari Shows have been  confirmed  as  the  last 
weekend  in  April,  at the same venues discussed in depth in  our 
show reports.. Mike Goodman is in charge once more..

Also,  there  will  be  a repeat of the popular and  fun  sounding 
Nordic  Atari  Shows,  a summer event for the  Scandinavian  Atari 

Siliconvention,  see  the  invitation text for more  details..  We 
might go, but not if Atari is poorly represented..

Some very last minute credits..

Thanks  have to go to Shadows of Poland for supplying us with  two 
interviews they were going to use in their own diskmag, but passed 
to us instead.. Keep up the good work on the demos!!

Also  to  John  Summerfield  (and his wife)  who  got  the  rather 
spiffing Dave Encill interview..

And finally, we haven't really stressed enough the lovely original 
cover  picture,  drawn by a 'back on the scene' Kev Dempsey (SH3), 
although  I  hamfistedly  grab back a share  of  that  credit  for 
converting  the  Falcon based original to sixteen colours  on  the 
ST..  The  lovely multichannel music on the Falcon version of  the 
mag is all his too.. I couldn't convert that to the ST version, so 
those  readers  will have to make do with a nice if  already  well 
known Tao zik instead.. 

I'm really out of room now, time to go!!

 CiH/Maggie Team - Jan '97

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