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Región de Magallanes by Faemiyah [web]

Región de Magallanes

Synth & music:               Juippi
Worm shape & extra entropy:  Warma
Everything else:             Trilkk

Tools: dnload, ghostsyn

This is the first Linux-ia32 (as opposed to FreeBSD-ia32) 4k we've made in 15
years. Change in platform courtesy of PoroCYon, who figured out the Linux
stack alignment bug.

Name comes from the last shore on Earth, in Región de Magallanes y de la
Antártica Chilena. Faro San Isidro, the last building on earth was supposed to
be in the intro, but there was no entropy left for it.

Greets to:  Blobtrox, Ctrl-Alt-Test, Desire, Epoch, Fit, G-INcorporated,
            Hedelmae, Ivory Labs, Lonely Coders, Luminaire, Paraguay, Peisik,
            Royal Elite Ninjas, TDA, The Old Dude, Tekotuotanto, Traction

Extra greets to:  PoroCYon
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