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Disk Maggie 19 by Reservoir Gods [web] & Maggie Team


                      \_\_          \_\_\_\_
                     \_\_\_\_      \_\_    \_\_
                        \_\_\_      \_\_    \_\_
                         \_\_\_       \_\_ __\_\_
                          \_\_\_        \_\_\_\_\_
                           \_\_\_            \_\_\_ 
                            \_\_\_            \_\_\_
                             \_\_\_            \_\_\_
                           \_\_\_\_\_          \_\_\_\_

            Indeed we are here once again, late as usual too..

Not a huge amount to say at the moment,  as I've expended myself all over 
the main texts, and scrolltexts and hidden article question quest for the 
Falcon  version  of  Maggie..  Consequently I'm as creatively  dry  as  a 
watermelon  that has spent six years in the desert having its life  force 
sucked out of it.. (Eh!)

(Maggie  editor in LSD outrage!  - Home Secretary presses for very  heavy 
slap on wrist!)

At  this  time  (Sunday  evening),  I'm very nearly finished  on  the  ST 
version,  and just awaiting the hidden article from Kev 'Taffy' Davies to 
make  its  way through the vagaries of the E-Mail system..  Great  stuff, 
this new technology,  a mailing to us that fails to un-encode properly, a 
message travels back to Kev at approaching the speed of light,  then sits 
around for three days, waiting to be answered.. Then the new mailing does 
not  work either,  so another E-Mail goes back to Kev to say "Sorry mate, 
it's padded envelope time!" - Postman Pat smiles knowingly in a smug,  'I 
told  you so' sort of way as he eventually delivers the vital package  in 
vans and on feet and things to my door??

          (Whither the Internet, is it all bollocks or what!?!)

Postscript  to that:- Sorry Kev and Mike,  but your articles just did not 
make  it  in time for this issue,  look forward to putting them in  issue 
twenty though!

Issue 19, so long in the making, the human race re-evolved into something 
else  whilst  they were waiting,  something with the  attractiveness  and 
mobility of a table lamp..  (Maggie Editor in more LSD outrage,  will the 
youth of today never learn!)

Specific Foul-Ups that plagued the making of this issue..

1. Waiting for articles in the post..

2. Waiting for articles on E-Mail..

3.  Getting corrupted files,  where articles once roamed, from the E-Mail 

4.  Having  to improvise emergency main menu pictures for both shells  as 
Kev,  the normal graphics guy was unable to come up with the goods due to 
a severe dose of overwork..

5.  Maggie editor,  confronted with the task ahead,  mentally puts on his 
suntan lotion, lies back and does nothing instead.. (Ah, didn't want that 
one to go in..)

Check  out  the cool articles on disk,  quite a lot of them too,  on  the 
'something for everyone' principle,  unless that 'someone' is very boring 
with no sense of humour to speak of..

Also check out the cool goodies on the disk,  Futuresound player, various 
demo-ey  bits,  and a cool program that converts weights and measurements 
from just about anything, to just about anything else!

(Cool  News!  - Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley own up to marriage 
failure..  It  was  all  a meaningless empty charade,  but  Michael  gets 
custody of the children..  Then put into custody shortly afterwards!  But 
who are we to speculate, eh!) (What, me dislike Michael Jackson?)

I'm really out of things to say now,  so let's wrap up and get this issue 
kicked out into the big bad world!!

  See you all next time..

       CiH, finally, Feb 8th 1996..

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