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Wavey Trash


ThePiloseOne presents some wavey trash. This was made for a Tiki-100, in about a day at Solskogen 2019.
Nothing about this graphics no-sound demo was planned in advance, it just happened after a little bit too much
Gin and Tonic. This is also ThePiloseOne's first attempt at submitting anything at all to a compo.

This is for the Tiki-100, the Norwegian Z80 computer mainly used in schools during the 80's. To get this to work,
you will need an adapter cable from either the analog or digital graphics ports on the back, to the parallel port.

Vertical sync is separated from the composite sync using a standard RC lowpass filter. Vertical sync goes to
PIO bit A0, while Horizontal (or composite) sync goes to PIO bit B0. Look at the schematics for details. The
resistor value might be .

Analog/Digital                  Parallel Port
RGB Port

           /------------------- Pin 1
Pin 4 -----+--/\/\/\--+-------- Pin 3
             100 Ohm  |
                     `T´ 200nF
Pin 5 ----------------+-------- Pin 2 and 4

In case of format, this is a CP/M type .com excecutable. Put it on a disk and run on a Tiki from TIKO. You should be
able to see the visual on a stock system, but you need the mentioned sync-hacks to get effects on it.

Name...... Wavey Trash
Release... Solskogen 2019
Class..... Demo, Oldschool
System.... Tiki-100
Duration.. 10 seconds
size...... 28KB

Original drawing which has been used in this demo, was commissioned from https://twitter.com/Herutastic back in 2017.
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