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Baba Yaga by Calamity

------ Calamity 1993 - 2019 ----------
         * Presents *
        -> BabaYaga <-

After almost 20 years of silence, we're back with a new demo for 
MS-DOS, more or less only tested with a p200, and it only support
Gravis Ultrasound for sound. It's been fun to visit turbo pascal 7.0 
again after all these years, and we've had some fun and trying moments
making this demo :) 

It's not using protected mode, but conventional memory, and thus
needs a lot of it, about 619kb of free memory, you need to boot into dos
without nearly everything, just keep the GUS drivers loaded, and you
usually get more memory by booting into dos with win95 or win98, just
be sure to boot straight to dos, not boot windows, and then back to dos 
(you lose a lot of memory that way). 

Sound system:
MikMod v2.03 Soundsystem for GUS by Jean-Paul Mikkers.

Graphic mode:
mode 13h @ 320x200 256 colors

Demo credits

	cPix / Eivind Fjeld Schjerven
	Jimmy / Thomas Homme
	Phed / Benjamin Bruheim
	Credex / Richard Funke

	Sunday / Martin Andersson 
	Optic / Hans Johansen 

	Optic / Hans Johnansen  
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